289 About Foot Spas

About Foot Spas


Things are not always what they appear to be. So it is with MTI. Even though the company name is MTI Baths, MTI offers so much more than bath tubs. Such as handcrafted sinks, shower bases and custom bath furniture. Genuine teak accessories for bath, shower and bathroom. Therapies that are effective. And more.

That is because from its very beginning, MTI's focus has been on the user, and innovation has been a hallmark of the company. MTI has continually sought to apply its bath technology to different areas of life in order to provide products that promote wellness, save time or offer convenience. One such product is MTI's patented Jentle Ped® foot spa. Think of it as a tub for your feet.

Most people are born with healthy feet, but many develop foot problems as they age. MTI's Designer Jentle Ped foot spas have a combination of features that will enable users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat, exercise bar and whirlpool action to properly care for their feet.

The Jentle Ped® foot spa:

  • Constructed of high-gloss Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic for beauty, durability and easy maintenance.
  • Directional high-flow whirlpool jets that can be adjusted to specific areas of the feet.
  • Ergonomically sloped floor positions the feet in a relaxed posture.
  • A raised stretch bar in the floor allows the user to exercise the arch and plantar (sole) areas of the feet.
  • May optionally be equipped with MTI's unparalleled Fill-Flush® Cleaning System that will clean the foot spa plumbing system quickly, completely and efficiently in less than 5 minutes and with less than 5 gallons of water.

The Jentle Ped is available in three different styles: (MTLS-110JP, MTLS-120JP and MTLS-130JP).
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