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Award-winning Transitional Vanity with Aphrodite shell design from design visionary Maya Romanoff

When people speak about furnishing their homes, they are generally referring to rooms such as the living room, dining room, bed room or family room. It is not so common to hear someone talk about furnishing the bathroom. Yet within the last

48" custom vanity.

several years, there has been a trend to use varied pieces of furniture in the bathroom, whether it be for storage, accent or as a repository for sinks, replacing the more common and mundane bathroom counters. Hence you may now find in the bathroom an antique dresser or a more contemporary dressing table.

MTI’s line of bath furniture is beautifully handcrafted to complement the striking designs and high quality of MTI sinks and tubs. Tub enclosures and vanities are constructed of only the finest FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) -Certified hardwoods for minimum impact on the environment. Using tried and proven woodworking techniques for strength, durability and a high-quality finished appearance, each piece is built and finished by hand to yield an extraordinarily fine piece of furniture. Matching tub surrounds of 1, 2 or 3 sides complement the vanities and are designed to also provide access to pump or blower with discreet sliding or removable panels. A variety of finishes and customization options are available for both vanities and tub surrounds. View Slideshow.


Contemporary Tub Surround for Metro tubs

48” Contemporary Vanity

MTI bath furniture is available in several different design styles. Transitional design enables integration with both contemporary and traditional bath fixtures, while traditional design offers a more formal, classic, timeless appearance. The contemporary design offers simplicity and clean lines, and the contemporary furniture also includes tub surrounds specifically made for the two MTI Metro tub models, featuring front glass shelves for decoration and storage. See Furniture Color and Finish options.


Whichever design you choose, MTI vanities and tub surrounds offer the construction and beauty of individually-made, high-quality furniture. All handcrafted by MTI in the USA.


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