34 Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures And Tub Enclosures

About Enclosures

MTI offers Shower Shields and Full Enclosures, for the more popular sizes of shower pans. View Standard Features and Construction of MTI's Shower Shields and Full Enclosures. 

Shields for Shower Pans


MTI Shields for showers feature 3/8" clear tempered safety glass and include square hinges made of solid cast brass available in chrome or brushed nickel finishes. Stainless moving parts ensure superior quality and durability. The Shower Shield will work with all 48" to 72" non-seated bases.

Shower Shield: includes a fixed 15" wide panel attached to the wall and a 23" panel hinged to swing outward 180 degrees for access to the shower and inward 20 degrees for water deflection into the shower. View Detailed Specifications of the shower shield.

Full Enclosures for Showers

MTI Full Shower Enclosures feature 1/2" clear tempered safety glass and solid stainless steel hardware available in natural or high-polished finish. Rugged, industrial-looking rollers glide along a rock-solid stainless steel track. Precision-machined hardware allows the door to slide effortlessly.

Shower Enclosure includes a fixed glass panel and a sliding one, the sizes of which vary according to model selected. Four models are available to work with the following width shower bases: 54", 66" and 72". View Detailed Specifications of the shower enclosure.