46 Tub Options

About Tub Options


MTI has a wide variety of options that allow you to personalize your tub and increase the enjoyment of your bathing experience. Stereo H2O®, for instance, transforms your tub into a huge sounding board that reproduces rich audio through the water. Or Radiance®, a system that uses radiant heat technology to warm the interior bath tub surface.

There are also more practical options that will facilitate a smooth, efficient installation and a finely finished product, such as MTI’s pre-leveled frame system, factory-installed tile flanges and tub skirting.

MTI is unique among bath manufacturers because MTI’s customization capabilities extend beyond its wide selection of options. With MTI you can choose from up to 9 pre-configured packages, or you can create your own, because each MTI tub is made to order. And yet quite remarkably, your product will be shipped within 7 business days, the fastest in the industry.

So look to MTI where you will find everything you need to design a bathing experience that is uniquely yours.

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