14 MTI environmental responsibility and sustainable

MTI and the Environment

For MTI "Green" means environmental responsibility and sustainability. Accordingly, in both the administrative and manufacturing areas, MTI's commitment is evidenced in the policies and practices it has in place.

  • MTI recycles cardboard, paper, copper, aluminum, scrap steel, virgin and scrap acrylic and wood.
  • Also recycled by MTI are computers, monitors, cables, printer ink cartridges, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and thermostats.
  • MTI recycles test-table water.
  • Over 40% of the materials used in the manufacturing of MTI acrylic products, such as soaking tubs and shower bases, is post-industrial recycled material.
  • The binding agents used for MTI acrylic products are formulated using recyclable and/or renewable raw materials.
  • Approximately 65% of the material used in the manufacturing of MTI Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS) products is organic, including minerals mined from the earth.
  • MTI recycles small granules from the manufacturing process of its Engineered Solid Stone products. The ESS granules are mixed with resin to use in the bonding process of the inner and outer shells of MTI acrylic freestanding tubs, thereby reducing waste, resin consumption and resin cost.
  • MTI uses the newest chemicals that offer the lowest emissions.
  • Even the cleaning agents used emit no VOCs and have a very low flashpoint, benefiting both the worker and the environment.
  • The teak used in MTI products is harvested only after a replacement tree had been planted 20 years earlier.
  • MTI's bath furniture is built with FSC-certified wood for minimum impact on the environment.
  • MTI's wood finishing process uses protective coatings with low-VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) and low-HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants).
  • All MTI tub and shower shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled material.
  • MTI sales and promotional literature is produced using FSC-certified paper.
  • Wherever possible, office employees use paper in their desktop printers that has previously only been printed on one side.

These are just a few examples. On an ongoing basis, MTI searches out new materials and ways that will enable the company to be even more proactive and aggressive in preserving the environment. Although MTI has recycled fluorescent light bulbs for years, we have recently acquired a fluorescent lamp crushing system that will reduce the time involved (and ultimately the cost) in recycling these bulbs.

MTI also designs and manufactures products that enable consumers to be more environmentally responsible. The Jentle Jet® launders fine wearables using only about 5 gallons of water compared to 35+ gallons in a washing machine set on the delicate cycle. In our bathtubs, whirlpool jets are installed low on the inside tub walls so a bather is not forced to completely fill the tub. MTI's whirlpool cleaning systems will thoroughly clean the internal plumbing harness in less than 5 minutes and with less than 10 gallons of water. This is extremely efficient compared to the cleaning procedures recommended by most manufacturers, which require draining and refilling the tub 2 additional times and consuming a minimum of 80 additional gallons of water.

Being "Green" is never an achievement. It is an ongoing challenge and process to which MTI is committed.