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Artists and Artisans

Some work with a brush, while others with a torch, chisel or drill. Whether their medium is acrylic, bronze or stone, pixels or canvas, artists are committed to stimulating our senses and stirring our emotions. MTI’s passion for design excellence handcrafted by artisans naturally fosters an appreciation for other artists and their work, regardless of the medium. This passion also motivates MTI to embrace the arts and collaborate with artisans to enrich the lives of all.


This section includes work from the hands of artists in various media and is intended to celebrate the talent and passion that drives them.  And like MTI, all are in the USA. We hope you will be as inspired by their creations as we are.

Gwen Marcus

Gwen Marcus, Sculptor

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Fran Antczak

Fran Antczak, Wood Artisan

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Michelle Y Williams

Michelle Y. Williams, Artist

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Matthew Quinn

Matthew Quinn, Designer

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Russell Adams

Russell Adams, Artist/Designer

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Russell Adams

Audrey Newsome, Designer

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