28 MTI is an employee-owned company

Employee - Owned Culture

MTI is an employee-owned company, which is a rare occurrence in today’s business world. This ownership means that employees have a real "stake in the game". As a result, MTI employees tend to treat their respective jobs very personally, and attributes such as dedication, diligence, conscientiousness and pride in workmanship are common. These qualities pay dividends in high productivity, world-class quality products, expert technical assistance, excellent customer service and delivering on promises. All benefits to MTI customers.

MTI’s "DNA" of employee ownership carries with it an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of creativity and discipline. Communication is more direct, response times are shortened, ideas flow more freely and decisions are made more quickly. The result is innovation, solutions to customer needs and a steady stream of great new products.

Perhaps most importantly, MTI’s employee-owned culture fosters a real sense of caring, and this carries over to the way in which you can expect MTI to treat you.