26 Handcrafted personalized Tubs and bath products

Handcrafted Quality

In MTI's production facilities, you will find no robots; only real people. Each step of the manufacturing process is done by hand. Whether that be thermo-forming an acrylic shower base; plumbing a complex top-of- the-line air bath / whirlpool combination; hand-finishing an Engineered Solid-Surface tub; or applying the final coat of finish on a bathroom vanity, each step is performed by hand, with care, by people who care.

At MTI each product is made to individual specifications and manufactured only after it has been ordered. Whether your product is ordered in a standard configuration or with personalized modifications, this process enables MTI to provide you with the product you want, just the way you want it. MTI offers the closest thing to mass-produced personalization.


And yet even with this incredible degree of manufacturing flexibility, the vast majority of MTI products will quite remarkably be shipped within 7 business days, the fastest in the industry.