21 MTI - The Leader in Hydrotherapy Technology

Hydrotherapy by MTI

MTI is a recognized leader when it comes to the technology of modern hydrotherapy, offering four distinct types of hydrotherapy experience. Each is unique; each is thoroughly therapeutic.

Soaking Bath: The most elemental form of hydrotherapy is the soaking bath, where heat and water's natural buoyancy foster deep relaxation. All MTI soaker tubs are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort with a thick cast acrylic shell that keeps bath water warm longer. Which means a longer soak for you.

Whirlpool: Benefit from the power of a deep, penetrating massage. This type of hydrotherapy comes from strategically placed jets that may be targeted to specific areas of the body. This system is ideal for a sports-related injury, using powerful jets that thoroughly massage muscles and help eliminate accumulated toxins. Operated by a whisper-quiet pump, MTI whirlpool systems use a mixture of air and water that adjusts from a gentle swirl to a more vigorous pulse.

Air Bath: The blissful combination of water, heat and air movement creates an incomparable effect that is as therapeutic as it is relaxing. The movement of millions of tiny air bubbles activates the lymphatic systems, increases blood flow, stimulates endorphins and relieves sore muscles and other painful ailments. MTI offers two unique air systems: Air Massage (20 air jets) and Air Massage Elite (30 air jets). Both provide a full-body massage experience via air jets located in the bottom of the bathing well. Because of its gentle massage action, the air bath may be particularly well suited for the elderly.

Whirlpool/Air Combination: Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fully adjustable hydrotherapy system. Select the light full-body massage of an air bath, the deep penetrating massage of a whirlpool or a combination of both. Great for households with family members of different ages and needs.

Whether you prefer the simple luxury of a soaking bath, the invigorating deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the light full-body thermo-air massage, or a combination of the two, MTI offers more than 180 tub models with multiple configurations to meet your specific hydrotherapy needs.