27 Real People answer our phones and are here to assist you

Real People!

As strange as this may sound, MTI has people who actually answer incoming calls! There is no automated phone menu to take you around in circles, or get you lost and frustrated. A live person will actually answer the phone and get you to the right person who can help you. And if you have to be put on hold, we try not to let that last for more than a minute. Because your time is valuable to you, and you are important to us. MTI is about people, as it always has been.

After all, MTI is employee-owned, which is a rare occurrence in today’s business world. This ownership means that employees have a real "stake in the game”. And that vested interest fosters attributes such as dedication, diligence, conscientiousness and pride in workmanship. And these qualities result in high productivity, world-class quality products, expert assistance, excellent customer service and delivering on promises. It’s more than a job; it’s personal.


Very concretely, the implications and benefits to consumers and trade professions are priceless and many:

  • Production. You will not find robots, but real people. Each step of the manufacturing process is done by hand. From the thermo-forming of an acrylic shower base to the complex plumbing of a top-of- the-line air bath / whirlpool combination to the hand-finishing of an Engineered Solid Stone™ tub, each step is carried out with care, by people who care. Including getting your product properly crated and shipped on time.
  • Customer Service. MTI representatives are totally accessible to MTI customers, whether they are trade professions or homeowners. Sure, you can send a question to us via email, but you can also call and talk to a live person to get personalized assistance with areas such as:
    • Selecting the right product for your household and your environment.
    • Customizing and personalizing your product of choice.
    • Understanding the various therapies and deciding upon the right one(s) for you.
    • Choosing equipment packages, options and accessories.
    • Specifying pump or air blower placement.
    • Deciding upon installation aids that will save you time, money and result in a better finished appearance.
  • Technical Support. Our technical people are the best. There is no question that is not important, and no question too difficult. You can speak to a technician before you purchase, during the installation process or at any time thereafter. Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM EST.

So if you are not currently using MTI products, or never have, give us a try. What’s stated above is not a marketing ploy. It’s for real, and so are we.