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Continuous improvement is one of the core values at MTI, and so we always welcome feedback from our customers so we can make our products and services even better.  Moreover, it is so gratifying to receive an unsolicited “attaboy” and learn that we have exceeded someone’s expectations.  We so appreciate that special effort and want to share some of the comments below.


Every once in a while I am fortunate enough to deal with a company that understands excellent customer service and that sell quality American made products. I want to say a big Thank you to MTI baths in sugar hill georgia. The bath tub in my house is a corner tub with jets manufactured by MTI in the USA. It's 15 years old and still functions as good as new. A couple of the plastic surrounds for the jets had cracked with age and MTI sent me replacements for free, on a 15 year old tub!! So if you are considering getting a new tub I suggest you look at MTI.
John N, Lafayette, LA

I worked with Alex Rivera yesterday on an MTI whirlpool tub that we purchased 10 years ago.  This email is just to let you know that Alex was absolutely amazing to work with.  We've tried on and off for years to solve the issues we're having and have had no success.  Alex was patient and spent a good deal of time on the phone with me.  He was able to identify two possible solutions almost immediately.  He was thorough in his explanation of what is still under warranty and what is not.  He recommended a Tech in our area that can do the work - we previously had no luck in finding someone to come out to the house to look at the tub. We really appreciate the help we received from Alex and wanted you to know that his level of customer service is exceptional!
Karen, Lisle, IL

Thank you so much for the parts and your help.  My husband was able to fix the problem.  Although he ended up having to take the pump out to be able to get to it - he fixed it!   I have never had correspondence with a company as accommodating as MTI Baths.  I would highly recommend your company!!!  Please feel free to share this with anyone thinking about purchasing a whirlpool tub from MTI.  It was a pleasure to have this kind of customer service this day and time.  Thank you again,

Phillis, Milledgeville, Ga.

I recently inherited an [MTI] tub from a family member who was renovating their bathroom. It is a jetted tub, nice and deep, and perfect for my wife or I to relax in. Getting ready to install the tub, I noticed some water leakage marks from around the jet areas on the backside of the tub. After all, the tub was made in 2000 and has had quite the usage since. I wanted to reseal the tub to prevent any future leaking and damages so I called your company to see about a reseal kit or something similar to repair the tub with.

...Upon calling your company, I was immediately greeted by a young woman with the most pleasant voice and not a computer. After asking what my needs were, she immediately transferred me to the service department. After only a single ring at the service department, yet another actual person answered the phone. He asked what issue the tub was having, immediately diagnosed it, found a solution, and resolved the problem. Here is where your single tube of sealant helped to restore my faith in businesses today and put me on your customer list for life.

...When I explained to your representative that I greatly appreciated his assistance and that I would be calling back on Friday when I got paid, he told me not to worry about the charge and he would get it in the mail as soon as I gave him my address. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What type of company stands behind their products, even when you aren't the original owner? Now I will be able to use your tub after I repair it, and for no additional cost to me.

Your company has shown, in a single act of customer service, that there is a reason that companies need to remain in the United States and have service beyond what we see today in most businesses. Right now your name, MTI, is being talked about in my wife's place of employment, an automotive dealer network with over 300 employees. Your example of customer service has truly amazed me today. I am never speechless, obviously, but today I am more appreciative of a tube of sealant than I think anyone could ever be.

In closing, once again your tub will be greatly appreciated and used. ...A good product is one thing, but standing behind it with the customer service your company provided is THE thing to do. Well done.
Robert & Jamie, Highpoint, NC


Fantastic training and fellow-shipping with Mary Elizabeth Finkey and Jeff with - MTI Baths .... Circa Mr Tub!! 
The company that loves to say Yes - we celebrate you, your designs, your quality and integrity!
Georgia, Atlanta, GA

...It is the most wonderful bathtub I have ever experienced.  It is also a beautiful addition to our bathroom.  I cannot express how thrilled we are with our new tub!

I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work.  We appreciate your willingness to track down our problems and to work with us to make sure everything was perfect.  The scratches are gone and the heater works great.  My only problem is leaving the bathroom.  I want to stay in my tub all the time!

We would like to express our gratitude to (your reps) as well.  They both worked extra hard to make sure our issues were resolved as well.  (Your rep) spent a great deal of time helping us resolve our drain issues so we could pass inspection and install the tub in the desired location.   We would also like to send a note personally thanking your supervisor(s) to let them know that you all went beyond the normal customer service needs.  

Thank you.

Jenny and Curtis, Ashland, VA

The package containing the replacement parts was received last evening.  They are excellent and exactly what we needed.  With your assistance and information about installation and cleaning we will restore our MTI whirlpool tub to an "as new condition". Our whirlpool was installed in 1995 and its restored condition will be testimony to MTI Customer Service and the quality of MTI products.
Robert and Patricia, Sevier County, TN


Congratulations on your 25th anniversary.  You guys have done an amazing job establishing MTI as a truly luxurious brand.  Here's to the next 25!  
John Platter, CEO/Publisher-Design Journal Publications

Master plumber and owner of North Point Bath in Maine, Tom Olds recently created an informational video comparing the quality of shower bases made of different materials. He identified acrylic as a superior material and praised MTI for its quality bases. It's a great video with a lot of good information - take a look!  http://youtu.be/9kyE8RpBXoU



  The products are beautiful and we are thrilled with them.
  Thank you so much,
  Christina - Alpharetta, GA


...The point of this tale is to highlight one thing: That good old fashioned customer service is not dead in America. The folks at MTI Baths....had been extremely cooperative already in helping us figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. But the company took the extra step and it made a difference. You can bet your bottom dollar that you can figure out whose tubs we'll recommend to anyone we know who needs one."
Andy Brack, publisher, charlestoncurrents.com

 ...Each time I called MTI, you assisted me with any questions or concerns and, in my book, you deserve an A+! Upgrading my master bath has been tough at times; however, your customer service has been superb, and you have helped create a stress-free experience for  me.  ...The tub looks absolutely spectacular in our contemporarily designed bathroom.  Thanks for all your support.
Brad and Kristin - Bartlesville, OK

I LOVE your products!
S Quick, Cedar Rapids, IA

...In a world where most businesses short change customer service MTI Baths obviously doesn't because your service has been great and so was the gentleman I talked with a month or two ago.
Chip, Colorado

We recently sent out an email to our customers requesting feedback on the MTI product that they purchased from Quality Bath. The good news is that from all the tub companies we deal with MTI reviews were the best and the main point reiterated by customers were that if there was an issue it was resolved quickly and satisfactory…
Mordy - Quality Bath

I appreciate you guys taking care of me. So far I’ve been extremely pleased with everyone from MTI and it’s refreshing to do business with a company where it seems everyone has the same ideas and morals that I try to live by.
Judy – Temple, TX

(Your rep) was outstanding, not only in being responsive, but also in her willingness to go above and beyond in keeping me in the loop on my order.  She is a real advocate for your organization and your products.  Based on my interaction with her, I won’t hesitate to buy from your organization in the future, and certainly will recommend MTI Whirlpools to anyone considering the purchase of the type of products you sell.
Charlie, Princeton, NJ

...The tub is GORGEOUS and very well made. Seriously, I almost wept when the tub was uncrated – it is so beautiful. Our entire bathroom is designed around that tub! Can’t wait to put it to extended use. Subsequent message: I’ve truly enjoyed my tub – I have a standing “soak date” each Sunday with a glass of wine, beautiful view and classic jazz! It cleans like a dream and really looks like a gorgeous sculpture in our new bath.
Laurie – Anchorage, AK

Thanks for all your help. I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy an MTI Whirlpool. It's a great product and you guys provide fantastic customer support.
Julie - Granger, WA

FYI. The MTI tub is awesome. It is a solid well made product  and it came perfectly level with a nice base and all 4 sides had built in slope towards the tub well so water does not set in corners or fall out to outside when on the rim.
Ron - Orlando, FL

Thank you for all your help. We truly enjoy working with your company -- the customer service is always great.
Roxanne – Macon, GA

Wow, that was impressive!!! Thank you so so, so much for taking care of this. You always take such good care of me (all of us) and we truly appreciate it. You will always have our support. :)
Ashley – Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I received the bolt this morning, as promised, and the Jentle Jet sink is already installed and working! Thanks so much for your prompt attention, great attitude and comprehensive follow through! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and enjoy a great big smile!
Brian - NY

Thanks so much for all the help, you have been wonderful! I have repaired the tub, filled it up and tested… no leaks! I have to say that MTI has the best customer service I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to! Keep up the good work.
Bruce Gregory at Bruce Home Improvements - Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you to all involved… You should ALL take a bow. Yes, I know it is your job and this is what you do, however, I would just like to recognize the lengths that you all went to, and the constant contact to make this happen so smoothly and seamlessly. My belief is that, in life it is the little things that count the most and it is those “little things” that should be recognized MORE. Anyone can “do” their job, I just happened to bump into a whole group of people, who did their job well and then some! Again thank you! That was fun for me and my client was truly thrilled when she picked up the tub…
Designer Susan Clark of Burlington - Ontario, Canada

Thank you and whomever worked in your stead to make sure that this was taken care of so quickly. I appreciate it and it is the reason I sell MTI and recommend it over other brands.
Stacey - Key West, FL

Thank you-quick response...wonderful customer service!
Sheila-Aurora Plumbing, Seattle WA

I am thrilled!! Thank you so much for your genuine care and outstanding customer service!! It is so appreciated.…. (The MTI representative) handled my situation so kindly, promptly, and professionally. He is a gem!
Vivian – Bethesda, MD

I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help yesterday regarding my MTI tub. It was nice talking with you and I really appreciate the wonderful customer service.
Rene -St. Mountain, GA

Thank you for your help today. It is always fun to talk with people that are passionate about what they do… I am even more excited about MTI and know I will not be disappointed.
Jeff - Williamsburg, VA

Thank you soooooooo much for all of your help and the instant service we have received. I think you guys deserve the award for most responsive bath tub company I've ever worked with. Usually it would take at least a week for a vendor to accomplish what you have done in 24 hours. I'm very appreciative of all your efforts to make my client happy :)
Erica, Euro Bath - Hollywood, CA

Good morning and just a note to tell you … my tub and all works great now. I can now take my bath without any problems. Thank you for all your help since way back about August 2009!! I have always enjoyed talking to you and you are a top asset to MTI…
Phyllis - Newnan, GA

I wanted to pass on this very positive thing that recently happened to me with M.T.I. I purchased two shower bases in November and my contractor didn’t take until recently. (It seems sometimes the jobs take forever). Anyway the neo-angle base didn’t fit right in the wall space. Another one had a tiny crack. I got on the phone with M.T.I. and they were fabulous!! (The MTI representative) got right on the fax machine and sent an RGA for the defective one. He also asked that a new one get right out. Then he called his fiberglass repair guy in CT. That man was here on Monday fixing the base with the slight crack. Their nickel. I am very impressed. Buzz Bazzano Peacock
Waterware Showroom - Great Barrington, MA

I just want to take a minute and thank you again for taking the time to let my husband and I into your showroom on Saturday. Your product is just as good as I thought it was from your advertisements. We have definitely decided to order one when the time comes. We are adding a floor onto our house but are not quite ready to start yet. Subsequent message: We have completed our addition and LOVE our MTI tub. I have owned 3 Jacuzzis in the past but this tub is far superior. It does three times as much and does it all better. I would only recommend MTI.
Cathy – Georgia

Thanks for your assistance. (Your representatives) at MTI were great. Both were truly concerned and committed to getting the problem corrected ASAP. (They) have started production on a new replacement unit and is having it shipped … 2 day air. It is a pleasure doing business with them. I wish that all my vendors had their level of commitment and business ethics.
Rick – San Francisco, CA

I feel (MTI’s) customer service is exceptional. I recently had a very difficult customer who couldn’t find the “right” whirlpool to fit her needs. Nobody seemed to make a tub that had exactly what she was looking for. I turned to MTI and they customized the tub for her. My customer was able to design the number and placement of jets. This process couldn’t have been any easier…MTI was extremely responsive and helpful the whole way through. Once the order was placed the tub arrived within 2 weeks… I am very pleased with them!
Sara - Stamford, CT

I research a product thoroughly before making a purchase and I must admit I called MTI quite a few times during my selection process. I was afraid I was making a pest of myself with all of my questions, however each time I called MTI your customer support and tech support was responsive and friendly. It was and continues to be a wonderful experience! I have, and will continue to recommend MTI tubs! .....I really love my MTI Tub and all of the people at MTI that helped me with it!
Lou- San Diego, CA

Thank you very much! You have supplied all the information we needed plus some. Gives us confidence in your company and your service.
Sue – South Cherokee, IA

I thank you very much for the time you took with this response. It is very much appreciated. Those awards are phenomenal; I am certainly very interested in your products. Congratulate the creators on their wonderful inventions. I am especially impressed by the sink that can handle the finest clothing. Your service seems top-notch, and I would love to add an architectural binder of your products and specs to our set.
Mary – Sparta, NJ

I'm impressed I received two email responses in 12 hours. Great customer service.
John D.

Thanks for your great customer response. I will always talk positively about your product when guests come to see our new home.
Jim – OH

Your customer service was and is excellent. The service technician was great and did a fantastic job. He was very professional. Now I can enjoy one of the luxuries of my new home. After a hard day at work on Friday, thanks to your company I was able to retreat to my spa at my own home. Thank you so much.
Fecia McKenna – NC

Thank you for being so helpful through all this. I really am happy with my tub and will spread the word. .. I didn't know that I would enjoy anything quite as much as I do the tub after a full day, it is so wonderful... I'll keep in touch and let you know about anyone else I hear that needs a tub. . .
Mary Susann

I just wanted to tell you how lucky you are to have someone like (the MTI representative who helped me). Customer service is a hard and more often than not a thankless job. I had some real challenges on an order and he became my new best friend! Everyone at MTI is always helpful, but as I said, he went the extra mile.

Thanks so much for the good support. Your company has been a joy.
Don – Beachwood, OH

It's nice to get fast, easy-to-work-with, friendly service!
Emily – OH

Re: Easy to work with -- that's you! You've really given me a lot of personal attention :-)
Lydia- Illinois

Congratulations on winning your ADEX awards. You sell great products; you deserve the awards.
Trish - Macon, GA

I own a MTI Whirlpool tub and I believe that your products are the best in the industry. During the past several years, whenever I had any issues pertaining to the tub, I have always turned to your customer service director for assistance and she has never failed to help and answer any and all of my questions. Her knowledge and caring attitude is a great asset to your company; she should be commended for her excellent service.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your service, on one of our customers from last week. (She) called me this morning to talk about a few things and wanted to make it clear how impressed she was with your services. She said that you were very polite, easy to deal with, and quick to take action. Also the man who actually came to her home, responded within 24 hours and was extremely nice, in and out, and left no mess. This particular customer is very sweet, but has had a difficult time with her house; and we both appreciate you helping to make it a little easier. I just wanted to make sure to thank you.

It's been some time now that you and MTI agreed to replace the bath tub in our home. My husband asked me this weekend to write you and express our gratitude. I may have told you before in emails or conversations, but he had back surgery 3 years ago (shortly after we built our home) that damaged the nerves in his back… This tub has been a blessing for him! He can soak & the bubbles help massage his body without hurting him. He can go to physical therapy, get in this tub & relax. …We want you and your company to know what a great gift it was to have you stand behind your product. Believe me, we tell everyone how great this tub is and how committed to quality & customer service after the sale they can expect if they purchase MTI Whirlpool tubs. May God bless you and your company! My husband is so happy and that means the world to our family!
Sue – Dublin, GA

(From an MTI rep, recounting a call from a dealer.) He received a call from a client who had bought an MTI air bath. It seems the plumber cut one of the airlines during installation. They called MTI and received the necessary parts, no charge, and someone there walked the plumber through the repair procedure. The homeowner, as well as the plumber, was amazed. Later, she had a question about operating the bath and called customer service. She told (the dealer) that through the whole experience everyone she spoke with was friendly and eager to help and this made her glad that she had chosen MTI. He told me this experience makes him glad he sells MTI and confirms his confidence in our company.
Tom – Duluth, GA

Thank you so much for all your help with this. I have never done business with such a personable company. I really enjoy working with all associates at MTI.
Amy – Greenville, SC

The plumber remarked that he had never spoken with a technician who was as thorough and pleasant as (your customer service representative). He knows if he has any further questions, (your rep) will be at his service.
Judy - IL

I just wanted to email you and tell you what wonderful customer service MTI has. I had to call to request a new installation instruction manual, and mentioned that my customer had a couple of questions, and that he would be calling, and (your representative) asked for his phone number- and said that he would call my customer. I realize this is small, but to me it is huge. What great customer service!! I appreciate it!
Jen – Grand Rapids, MI

This note is to tell you that (your representative) has been helping me custom-design my soon-to-be-installed MTI whirlpool tub. We've been in contact by phone and by email since the fall (!) and she has been patient, informative, and has gone out of her way in every respect (contacting our local sales rep; finding local dealers who actually have the tubs I was interested in, on display; answering my many, many, many questions). I told her - and I am serious - that she has been more valuable than our architect and designer combined. MTI is extremely fortunate to have her as an employee and as a representative of the company. I only wish she were involved with all the other aspects of our remodel!
Patricia – CA

Thank you very much for following up on my problem last week. Your man came and repaired the problem without a fuss. It’s nice to have someone stand by their products like you did.
Tom – Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!! for all your help in getting my..tub order correct! It arrived PERFECT. Your great customer service and assistance in getting it right was above and beyond the call of duty. I really appreciate all your efforts on this order. I took my first bath in it last night (hooked up temporarily) with no walls or floor and even in those conditions it was wonderful!!!!! Thank you for being so caring and good at what you do! You are an asset to MTI.
Connie - Kent, Washington

Thanks for all of your help, your customer service has been exemplary and I have told several people at EBS how wonderful MTI is to work with because of you. Great job!

Please pass along my thanks to your service department. They went the extra mile to provide assistance and did a great job in helping me. (Your representative) was very helpful. He understood my problem and immediately sent out a repair kit. Thanks! The shower base looks great. I’ll recommend your company at every opportunity for its products and outstanding service.
Neil – Harrisburg, PA

We ADORE our new MTI tub! …Thanks for your help and a fantastic product!

Thank you for the excellent service that I received "after sale", it was efficient and customer focused....My foot spa works very well following the visit of the plumber last Monday...
Dianne – Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to say thank you to the man in the service department who helped me this morning when I called. I wish I could remember his name. I was in a predicament trying to sell my house and fix up my bathroom and he helped me out over the telephone. Please tell him thank you for me. We will be looking to buy your products in the future since the service is so awesome!
Judy – Lumberton, TX

I have to tell you my story. I visited your plant two years ago and I was totally impressed with the associates. The associates all appeared to be dedicated to providing the best quality and service available for their customers. They were sincere. Now, you have just shown me that this is true. I appreciate all of your help and I hope you have a great weekend.
Sandy, Duluth, MN

I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend your product to anyone. Thanks again for your prompt action on this order.
The MTI tubs look beautiful. …There is no question that you and MTI make one of the best (if not the best) products in the tub industry, and we are very proud to be one of your dealers.
Albert-Beverly Hills, CA

We just wanted to drop a line to say “Thanks” for all of your help in getting our jetted tub up and running at full speed. The service was topnotch and (your rep) was as prompt and professional as ever. Again thanks for everything.
Don and Bernadette – Portsmouth, VA

I don't know which one I got....but I have one!! YEAH!!! (and wow....I had no idea there were so many good options!! NOW for the hard part.... CHOOSING!! :-)Thank you so much for the great service. It is definitely confidence building for purchasing your product…I've already decided now that I'm buying an MTI product, just haven't picked which one....so I'll try to remember to send another comment after I purchase the final product. You're doing a good job!! :-)
Ingrid – Collegedale, TN


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