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Some work with a brush, while others with a torch, chisel or drill. Whether their medium is acrylic, bronze or stone, pixels or canvas, artists are committed to stimulating our senses and stirring our emotions. MTI’s passion for design excellence handcrafted by artisans naturally fosters an appreciation for other artists and their work, regardless of the medium. This passion also motivates MTI to embrace the arts and collaborate with artisans to enrich the lives of all. This section includes work from the hands of artists in various media and is intended to celebrate the talent and passion that drives them.  And like MTI, all are in the USA. We hope you will be as inspired by their creations as we are.

Gwen Marcus, Sculptor


Fran Antczak, Wood Artisan


Michelle Y. Williams, Artist

MatthewQuinn 2

Matthew Quinn, Designer


Audrey Newsome, Designer


Russell Adams, Artist/Designer

Gwen Marcus

artist-pic-gwen-marcus-profileInternationally renowned sculptor Gwen Marcus has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, and her work is included in many important collections worldwide. Known as a child prodigy, Gwen Marcus began creating her first sculptures at the age of nine.  Gwen has received countless honors and commissions, among them the highly regarded Gold Medal of Honor from the Allied Artists of America. Gwen is a fellow and board member of the National Sculpture Society. Gwen has been praised for her sensitivity and comprehension of the human form and her ability to capture movement and emotion in her subjects, along with their inner and outer beauty. Each figure evokes a distinct vision, a mysterious alchemy of sensuality and spirituality. Marcus discussed her work process in an article by American Art Collector Magazine. “Often the work is all about the energy that comes from the model.  There is a rhythm to my work that captures the life force of each piece. Like music, there are moments when the composition slows down, speeds up, and maybe even pauses, but never stops. Every piece is unique in this way, each with its own rhythm.”   Morris & Whiteside Galleries summed up the spirit of Gwen’s work, saying “…Marcus intends for her pieces, whether of a nude leaning over the water’s edge or a woman carrying eggs, to exude strength, energy, spirituality and sensuality.” Shown here is a selection of Gwen’s renowned sculptures. MTI is honored to feature Gwen’s sculpture “After the Bath” on the front and back covers of the Boutique Collection brochure. Available on gwenmarcus.com as a sculpture measuring 20”h x 19”w x 13”d, “After the Bath” may also be commissioned in life-size form as shown on the MTI Boutique brochure covers.  To view more of Gwen’s work, go to gwenmarcus.com. artist-pic-gwen-marcus-work-1 artist-pic-gwen-marcus-work-2 artist-pic-gwen-marcus-work-3

Fran Antczak

artist-pic-fran-antczak-profile2a(1)Artisan Fran Antczak built his first piece of furniture in 1976, but it wasn’t until many years later that his life would come full-circle with a passion for his craft and a way to pursue this while protecting the environment. After spending 30 years operating a successful antique business, in 2005 the difficult economy caused him to journey in a new direction. Fran’s passion was renewed when he realized that his desire was to create furniture rather than identify and acquire it. So together with his wife Paula, in 2007 he began a new enterprise, Island Sea Designs, a facility for custom-built furniture located in a 19th century paint factory and yard in Brunswick, GA. Their purpose was to build an American business using raw American products, American tools and all made in the USA.  Using handcrafting techniques and “old-time” tools (many from his grandfather), Fran designs and builds unique one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.  Anything that can be done by hand is done by hand, including hand-rubbed finishes. Fran’s grasp and appreciation for old-world woodworking techniques is paralleled only by his profound respect for the environment.  He searches out wood that is not commercially viable and transforms it into works of art.  Essentially, Fran  repurposes wood and other materials that would otherwise have gone to waste and uses them to create beautiful, useful pieces. Fran’s fascination with abandoned wood is nothing short of amazing.  His search for reclaimed wood is centered primarily in the area of St. Simon’s Island, GA, with much of it coming from extremely old felled trees, some more than 400-years old.  He has extracted 100-year old wood from the bottom of rivers and salvaged beams and columns from old buildings built around the turn of the last century.  His most recent find is a 500-year old sunken Georgia Cypress which he recovered from the Altamaha River. Each tree has its own story, character and natural beauty.  In his 80,000 square-foot facility these trees are cut down into 2” thick slabs that are naturally dried for a minimum of two years. When ready, this wood is then transformed into lumber for flooring, countertops, furniture and virtually anything imagined.  And since everything is custom-designed and individually manufactured, size, texture, color and finish can all be specified to the customer’s unique wishes to achieve a truly custom product. Shown here is just a sampling of the many custom pieces Fran has created.  There are benches, tables, staircases, railings, flooring, countertops and more, all available in many different types of wood, finished according to individual preference.  To see more of Fran’s work and obtain pricing, go to islandseadesigns.com. artist-pic-fran-antczak-work-2a Credenza 6

Michelle Y. Williams

artist_mwilliamsMichelle Y. Williams is a Houston-based creator, explorer, humanitarian and artist. The imagination of her work is evoked through multiple channels, including canvas, wood, metal, plexiglass and clay. Classifiable by only the sensitivity of the palette knife with which she paints, Michelle’s work is a relentless display of senescent color, exuded upon her observers, causing one to feel less like a collector, and more like a discoverer. Michelle’s philosophy allows that in accepting the process of life, of its misshapen ways and understated moments, one can maintain a fuller sense of self, and approach once-challenging faults with gratification, with thankfulness. In a stain, we find understanding; in a dent, our ability to heal; in a blemish, an unchained beauty. Michelle’s art is a diligent offering of this ideal, of the concerted outlook we must bring unto others, and into our own lives. The magnetism of her canon stems directly from the life force of her character, and the way in which this character emerges from the medium, stealing you away to live in the afterimage of what you’ve found.  Taking lessons from her own experiences, those of quiet struggle, of booming joy, of unaccustomed life, she translates her passion, releasing the possibility of emotion for the seer. Shown here are paintings from Michelle’s exquisite collection.  Featured on the covers of our Boutique Collection brochure are her “Confirm” and 35” x 45” “Overcurrent 4” canvas paintings.  To view more of Michelle’s work, go to michelleywilliams.com or email infoatlanta@jerrypair.com. artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-1 artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-confirm artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-overcurrent

Matthew Quinn

artist-pic-mathew-quinn-profileMTI is proud to include in its Boutique Collection exciting solid-surface products designed by Matthew Quinn, one of the nation’s leading experts in kitchen and bath design. These products represent a collaborative effort that began in 2008 between the imagination of an extremely talented kitchen and bath designer and the expertise of an award-winning manufacturer.  Combining the uncompromising attention to detail of Quinn and the technological innovation of MTI Baths, the collection captures the imagination of the luxury design industry and offers the individuality of customization. Matthew’s success is largely due to his design philosophy that ultimate sophistication is achieved in the cultivated balance between form and simplicity; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  The Matthew Quinn Collection applies the philosophy of form follows function. Function activates emotion and reaction, while form enhances the experience. A major force in the design community for many years, Quinn is the principal of the Atlanta-based Design Gallery Kitchen & Bath Studio and the Matthew Quinn Collection.  Matthew’s projects span the globe, and he has garnered numerous design awards. His timeless work has been featured in a multitude of national publications. See more of Matthew’s work at matthewquinncollection.com. artist-pic-mathew-quinn-work-3artist-pic-mathew-quinn-work-5 artist-pic-mathew-quinn-work-6 artist-pic-mathew-quinn-work-2

Audrey Newsome

CepiaAudrey G. Newsome is an Atlanta-born interior designer with over 25 years of experience in the field of design.  Her work can be seen in a wide range of venues from private residences and multi-family dwellings to historical homes and commercial interiors. As a design consultant for MTI, Audrey has contributed in many areas including exhibit designs for national shows, the interior design of MTI’s Woodward Mill House and, most recently, the design of MTI’s Juliet tub.  Her design approach is uniquely focused, infusing the living space with the soul of the inhabitants.  Audrey creates environments that defy time, embrace the past and look to the future. Her philosophy is that good design extends beyond appearances to lasting relations. 1 7 282138166_14 1a-great room