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artist-pic-gwen-marcus-profileInternationally renowned sculptor Gwen Marcus has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, and her work is included in many important collections worldwide. Known as a child prodigy, Gwen Marcus began creating her first sculptures at the age of nine.  Gwen has received countless honors and commissions, among them the highly regarded Gold Medal of Honor from the Allied Artists of America. Gwen is a fellow and board member of the National Sculpture Society.

Gwen has been praised for her sensitivity
and comprehension of the human form and her ability to capture movement and emotion in her subjects, along with their inner and outer beauty. Each figure evokes a distinct vision, a mysterious alchemy of sensuality and spirituality.

Marcus discussed her work process in an article by American Art Collector Magazine. “Often the work is all about the energy that comes from the model.  There is a rhythm to my work that captures the life force of each piece. Like music, there are moments when the composition slows down, speeds up, and maybe even pauses, but never stops. Every piece is unique in this way, each with its own rhythm.”   Morris & Whiteside Galleries summed up the spirit of Gwen’s work, saying “…Marcus intends for her pieces, whether of a nude leaning over the water’s edge or a woman carrying eggs, to exude strength, energy, spirituality and sensuality.”

Shown here is a selection of Gwen’s renowned sculptures. MTI is honored to feature Gwen’s sculpture “After the Bath” on the front and back covers of the Boutique Collection brochure. Available on gwenmarcus.com as a sculpture measuring 20”h x 19”w x 13”d, “After the Bath” may also be commissioned in life-size form as shown on the MTI Boutique brochure covers.  To view more of Gwen’s work, go to gwenmarcus.com.

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