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artist_mwilliamsMichelle Y. Williams is a Houston-based creator, explorer, humanitarian and artist. The imagination of her work is evoked through multiple channels, including canvas, wood, metal, plexiglass and clay.

Classifiable by only the sensitivity of the palette knife with which she paints, Michelle’s work is a relentless display of senescent color, exuded upon her observers, causing one to feel less like a collector, and more like a discoverer.

Michelle’s philosophy allows that in accepting the process of life, of its misshapen ways and understated moments, one can maintain a fuller sense of self, and approach once-challenging faults with gratification, with thankfulness. In a stain, we find understanding; in a dent, our ability to heal; in a blemish, an unchained beauty. Michelle’s art is a diligent offering of this ideal, of the concerted outlook we must bring unto others, and into our own lives.

The magnetism of her canon stems directly from the life force of her character, and the way in which this character emerges from the medium, stealing you away to live in the afterimage of what you’ve found.  Taking lessons from her own experiences, those of quiet struggle, of booming joy, of unaccustomed life, she translates her passion, releasing the possibility of emotion for the seer.

Shown here are paintings from Michelle’s exquisite collection.  Featured on the covers of our Boutique Collection brochure are her “Confirm” and 35” x 45” “Overcurrent 4” canvas paintings.  To view more of Michelle’s work, go to michelleywilliams.com or email infoatlanta@jerrypair.com.

artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-1 artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-confirm artist-pic-michelle-y-williams-work-overcurrent