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Sight, Sound, Smell and Heat for Wellness

For a more holistic experience, enhance your hydrotherapy with the following complementing therapies:

  • Microbubbles: Rejuvenate body and soul. A bath with Microbubbles leaves your skin hydrated, moisturized and restored.  The innovative technology behind Microbubbles super-saturates the water with up to 50% more dissolved oxygen than water alone and gently removes impurities from skin and pores, leaving the body cleansed and gently exfoliated.
  • Aromatherapy: Indulge your olfactory senses with aromatherapy as part of your bathing experience. This ancient therapy uses the art and science of naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to promote wellness of the body, mind and spirit. MTI incorporates aromatherapy into the bath via a deck-mounted well that houses fragrance canisters. When the thermo-air massage system is activated, warm air blows the fragrance and captures it inside tiny air bubbles that pop and release the aroma when they reach the water’s surface. The scent fills the air, not the bath water. Aromatherapy has been shown to provide stress relief, mood enhancement and boost the immune and respiratory systems.
  • Chromatherapy: Enhance your holistic experience by adding chromatherapy to your MTI bath. Light and color have been long recognized for their effect on human biorhythms and equilibrium. MTI baths offers the option of underwater lighting via digitally controlled LEDs. Different colors are thought to have different therapeutic effects, such as blue for serenity and red for energy. Choose colors according to mood and need, or select a preset program.
  • Audiotherapy: Enjoy music from a new perspective with MTI’s award-winning Stereo H2O — an invisible audio system that delivers amazing sound through the tub itself. You will experience music in a whole new way as you actually “feel” the music through your body as it travels through the bath water. It’s a unique way to add the healing power of music – from classical concertos to rock-and-roll – to your bathing experience.
  • Thermaltherapy: There’s nothing like a nice hot bath. Now MTI keeps your bath hot longer. Its inline water heating systems maintain bath water at a comfortable 102°F so you can enjoy your bath for as long as you like. For added comfort, MTI offers its Radiance® system that brings radiant heat into the bath structure to warm your neck, shoulders and back. The heated bath shell is not only comfortable for the bather, but also helps prevent heat loss from the bath water.