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At MTI customization is an Everyday Occurence. Each product is:
Handcrafted by Artisans             Made to Order             Made in the USA
Ultimate in Customization
You have maximum control in creating your personalized bathing experience.
personalized bathing
Explore how to personalize your tub by clicking within the image below:
Silent Air Volume Control
Allows you to adjust the amount of air mixed with water coming from the whirlpool jets. The more air, the greater the pressure. This also serves as the reservoir for cleaning solution for the Fill-Flush and Simple Touch cleaning systems. Learn More
Simple Touch
Activation switch for Simple Touch whirlpool cleaning system. Learn More
Shown on the tub image is a round overflow with a toe-tap drain. To the side is a Slim-Line Integrated Overflow available on certain models. Learn More
Control Pad
Low-profile control pads provide clean appearance and ease of operation. Air Massage Elite packages include a digital display, featuring 3 “SPA Mode” settings that automatically cycle through the various therapies in preconfigured sequence.
Aromatherapy well houses canister for adding pure essential oils. Learn More
Water Sensors
Water sensors for activation of the air bath purge cycle 7 minutes after the tub water has drained.
Air Bath
Air bath illusion jets. Learn More
Slip-Resistant Bottom
The texture of the bottom makes it slip-resistant for safety. Learn More
Whirlpool Jet
Fully-adjustable high-flow point-massage whirlpool jet. Various trim colors and custom finishes are available. Learn More
Arranged in clusters to complement the point-massage jets. Learn More
Chromatherapy LED light. Learn More
Virtual Spout
Integrated high-flow tub filler replaces the faucet. Learn More
Personalize Your Bath
  • A variety of hydrotherapy options: soaker, stream bath, air bath, whirlpool and various combinations.
  • Many options including grab bars, tub fillers, arm rests and more.
  • The placement of jets, air blower and pumps.
  • Installation aids that save time and money.
Convenient Hydrotherapy Packages
MTI has developed pre-configured hydrotherapy packages for tubs. While there are certain exceptions, most tubs can be specified in any 1 of 12 different configurations. Or you can create your own.
Make Installation Easier
Premium Customization
Fastest turn-around time in the industry
Most Acrylic
Products: Ships within
7 business days
Most Sculpturestone® Products: Ships within
15 business days
Mineral Composite Products: Ships within
15 business days
Premium Customization: Products: Shipping time
At MTI each product is made to individual specifications and manufactured only after it has been ordered.
We can make it the way you’d like.