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The MTI Vanity Sink is simplicity itself. The clean, contemporary appearance is seamless, with integrated counter, sink, legs or sides. Selection of sizes range from 24″ to 72″ in length in defined increments, depending on the bowl(s) selected. Standard height is 34″ and depth is 18″ or 22″ depending on sink bowl(s) selected.

Depending on the length selected, one or two sinks can be specified. Choose from a Parsons-style or Waterfall-style design, each giving the Vanity Sink a truly unique appearance. Also available are Wall-Mounted Vanity Sinks. Their compact and clever design make these a perfect solution where bathrooms space is at a premium.

Constructed of MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® material, also referred to as Engineered Solid Stone® or ESS®.

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