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Designer Collection whirlpool & air bath combination systems can be operated separately or simultaneously for individual therapeutic needs and a very personalized wellness experience for every family member.  Designed for comfort and thoughtfully engineered with the highest quality materials, Designer acrylic combination therapy tubs are individually water-tested and component operated to ensure optimal integrity and performance.

Acrylic Designer Collection Standard Features:

  • Award-winning designs.
  • Thermoformed high-gloss cross-linked cast acrylic reinforced with a thick layer of fiberglass/resin/titanium backing for added strength and increased insulation.
  • Metal reinforcement around the perimeter of all rectangular and corner baths for superior structural integrity.
  • Extremely scratch and stain resistant.
  • Available in several designer colors.
  • Consistent color throughout the thickness of this high-performance material provides a finish that is renewable for long-term durability and beauty.
  • Non-porous surface for ease of maintenance and more effective sanitizing.
  • Handcrafted with pride in the USA.

Acrylic Designer Collection Air & Whirlpool Combination Features*:

  • A combination of one of the two Designer air bath systems with either of the two Designer whirlpool systems to achieve the benefits of both a light full-body air bath massage and the deep penetrating massage of a whirlpool.
  • Pre-warmed air bath massage comes through 20-30 nearly invisible, “illusion” air jets that are absolutely flush with the bottom of the tub floor. Designed for maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.
  • Chromatherapy is standard with Elite Air Massage selection on combination therapy tubs.
  • Easy to use low-profile keypad offers convenience to the bather. Spa Mode features comes standard on most Elite Air & whirlpool combination tubs.
  • Complementing Aromatherapy diffusion system integrated with air system on most combination therapy tubs.
  • Fully adjustable high-flow point massage whirlpool jets that can be easily repositioned and individually operated to increase and decrease directed flow maximizing the therapeutic benefit.
  • Silent air volume control adjusts whirlpool to bather’s comfort level.
  • Whisper-quiet motors for optimal relaxation.
  • Whirlpool jet styles and locations can be added or moved at the time of order to meet specific needs.
  • Tsubo-Hydromassage that delivers the rhythmic pressure of pulsating Shiatsu-like massage is available on some combination systems that include Ultra Whirlpool*.
  • Optional Thermaltherapies, such as MTI’s heating system to help maintain the heat of the water.
  • Audiotherapy available, provided by acoustic transducers integrated in the bath shell.
  • Whirlpool pump upgrade may be available with select combination hydrotherapy systems and options.  
  • Multiple features for optimal hygienic operation include built-in anti-return check valves throughout MTI’s uniquely designed air system, rigid PVC piping smartly plumbed for whirlpool keeps the plumbing harness clean, optional Ozone for whirlpool that comes standard with some Ultra Whirlpool and air bath combination tubs.
  • For ease of maintenance, every Designer air & whirlpool combination system comes with an automatic timed purge cycle that activates 7 minutes after each use to expel any remaining water from the air jets, and all are designed for optional patented Fill Flush®/Simple Touch® Cleaning Whirlpool Cleaning Systems.
  • Pre-leveled foam for added structural integrity and ease of installation.
  • Air & Whirlpool combination therapy is not available on freestanding tub models.

*Whirlpool features vary according to tub model. See product specification sheet for all model specific options & accessories.

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