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MQCMTI Baths and renowned kitchen and bath design expert Matthew Quinn have partnered to create some uniquely stunning products for the bathroom.

Combining the uncompromising attention to detail of Quinn and the technological innovation of MTI Baths, the MQ designs have captured the imagination of the luxury design community and offer the increased possibilities of customization. The Matthew Quinn additions expand and enhance MTI’s design-savvy Boutique collection.

As one of the leading experts in kitchen, bath and product design, Matthew Quinn has worked around the world providing his clients with original, memorable living spaces. Through residential, commercial multi-unit, and hospitality projects brought to him by the world’s top architects and interior designers, Matthew increases the design and functionality of kitchens and baths. Matthew’s success is largely due to his design philosophy of simplicity as the ultimate sophistication and the expert execution of his design concepts. Visit the Matthew Quinn web site.

The newest addition to the Matthew Quinn-designed MTI products is the Continuum sink. This sink has garnered several design awards and Quinn received a well-deserved ASID design excellence award for the sleek, sophisticated sink that is certain to attract attraction. Its ingenious construction uses the hole cut-out from the counter to cover the drain and create a faux bottom of the sink, creating an illusion of a seamless design that allows the striations of the counter material to visually flow ‘through’ the sink.


The Intarcia freestanding tub models can be specified with either of two pedestal bases or with no pedestal base. What’s more, Intarcia can be prepared at the factory ready for you to have installed the inlay of your choice – metal, glass, wood, stone, or any other material – in the tub, base or both, allowing bathers to personalize their bath environment as never before. Intarcia can also be equipped with an air bath system when specified with either pedestal base.

Combining the cutting-edge design of Matthew Quinn and the manufacturing perfection of MTI, these designs capture admiration and inspire imagination.

MTI’s Boutique Collection products will assuredly flatter and distinguish your bathroom. All products are characterized by strong design and high quality, yielding a work of art that will be the focal point of your bathroom. To browse through the entire selection of beautiful products in the