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Designed to pamper fine washables, the Jentle Jet® jetted laundry sinks use whirlpool jets instead of an agitator. Two models available.
  • Constructed using cross-linked cast acrylic.
  • Backed with a think layer of fiberglass/resin/titanium for structural reinforcement.
  • Cross-linked cast acrylic is a very durable material because it is extremely scratch-and-stain-resistant.
  • Because the color goes all the way through the acrylic, the finish is renewable.
  • The non-porous surface makes cleaning and sanitizing faster and more effective.
  • 3 micro-jets.
  • 1.0 bhp pump and suction fitting with removable filter.
  • On / off control and 3-speed control knob.
  • Integrated washboard front and recessed soap dish (on 110J only).