Radiance® Surface Heating System

Most Designer Collection shower bases can be equipped with MTI’s Radiance® surface heating system, which applies radiant heat to the shower base floor for extra comfort, and in the seats of seated shower base. Information about Radiance Surface Heating System for Shower Bases


A handsome bench crafted in SculptureStone® that can be made with or without teak inserts, plus a variety of SculptureStone® textures. Used the bench inside or outside the shower; or outdoors. Shown with waterfall-style sides. Available with Parsons-style legs. Information on the Boutique Collection Bench.

Teak Shower Tray

MTI teak shower trays are designed to fit our Designer Collection shower bases, providing a comfortable and safe surface. They also emit a very pleasant, subtle aroma during showering. Made of genuine teak. Information about the Teak Shower Tray.

Teak Bath and Shower Mat

Adding to the spa-like feel of the bathroom in a very practical way, this genuine teak mat is ideal for stepping in and out of the bath or shower. Information about the Teak Bath and Shower Mat

Teak Shower Drain Cover

Designed to complement Boutique and Designer Collection hidden-drain shower bases, the Teak Drain Cover replaces the standard drain cover while adding a spa-like element and decorative touch to the bathroom. The drain cover is constructed in smooth, durable teak, an ideal material for the wet environment of the shower.  The flat slatted teak design lets water and soap run through so there is no residue build-up. Information about Teak Shower Drain Cover for Boutique Collection shower bases  |  Information about  Teak Shower Drain Cover for Designer Collection shower bases

Pre-Leveled Foam Base & Tile Flange

The Pre-Leveled Foam Base option is available for Designer Collection shower bases. When this option is offered, the base is factory-leveled and supported by high-density foam, eliminating the need to wet bed the base. Information about Pre-Leveled Foam Base Shower Base.