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For centuries, light and color have been recognized as having an affect on human bio-rhythms and life equilibrium. The therapeutic use of different colors of light, or chromatherapy, has been determined to have a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

MTI acrylic baths in any configuration offer the possibility of including the therapeutic effects of chromatherapy. Underwater lighting is provided by digitally controlled LEDs. A control button allows selection of constant color or preset programs to achieve the desired lighting effects and utilize these chromatic energy sources.

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Different colors affect humans differently. Red energizes and activates blood flow, while yellow stimulates nerve functions and may aid the digestive process. Orange is a mix of red and yellow and carries greater therapeutic characteristics than both of these colors used separately, including the soothing of muscle and joint pain.

Green, as the intermediate color of the light spectrum, fosters harmony and has a calming, restorative effect on the mind and body. Blue, a cooler color, is comprised of light rays that are very fine, which allow them to penetrate deep within to promote mental and physical calmness. Purple is an extremely powerful color and has many virtues. Traditionally, purple is known for its power to inspire creativity as well as relieve irritability and reestablish a peaceful state.

The use of light and color for therapeutic purposes is centuries-old. Add the complementary therapeutic effects of chromatherapy to your choice of hydrotherapy for a more complete, engaging, holistic experience.