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MTI is a recognized leader when it comes to the technology of modern hydrotherapy, offering several distinct types of hydrotherapy experience. Each is unique; each is thoroughly therapeutic.

Boutique, Designer and BASICS® Soaking Bath: Soothing water and heat.

  • The buoyancy created by water temporarily relieves some of gravity’s stress on your body, while the water’s heat fosters deep relaxation.
  • All MTI soaker tubs are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Boutique and Designer Collection Air Bath: Gentle massage action that is therapeutic and relaxing.

  • Movement of millions of air bubbles activate the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow and stimulates endorphins and relieves sore muscles and other painful ailments.
  • Full-body massage from air jets strategically positioned in the bottom of the bathing well for maximum coverage.
  • Speed and intensity can be adjusted from soft and caressing to more vigorous. Or you can select the wave effect, which alternates the speed between strong and soft to create a very efficient lymphatic massage.
  • Spa Mode. Tubs equipped with Air Massage Elite, or in conjunction with a whirlpool system, include a “Spa Mode” feature. Select from three preconfigured settings: Energetic, Relaxing and Deep Tissue. Sequence through the various therapies in different combinations to create your personalized therapy. Each Spa Mode function will operate for 20 minutes for a full spa-like experience.
  • Two systems available: Air Massage (20 air jets) and Air Massage Elite (30 air jets).
  • Aromatherapy included in both air bath systems for tubs with a flat deck. Chromatherapy included in Air Massage Elite packages.
  • The most hygienic air bath system available. Specially designed plastic protective jet housings, unique to MTI, isolate components to prevent residue buildup in the fiberglass backing of the bath. Sealed in each housing is a built-in backflow prevention check valve that is designed to keep bath water from entering the air lines. 7 minutes after the water has drained, an automatic purge cycle engages. For detailed information download MTI’s White Paper “Air Baths Fact and Fiction pdf.

Designer Collection Stream Bath®: The serenity of a forest stream in the privacy of your bath.

  • MTI’s newest and exclusive form of hydrotherapy, and an industry first.
  • Stream Bath replicates the feeling and serenity of a forest stream.
  • Eight vents output water in an extremely gentle flow toward the bather.
  • The vents move the water, and your body feels the soothing effect of the water’s movement.
  • All vents are adjustable so you can customize the flow of water to create your own private stream.
  • Stream Bath is so gentle it is ideal for all ages, from the very young to the more senior.
  • View the Stream Bath Video.
  • See specs for Stream Bath.

Designer Collection Whirlpool Bath: Provides a powerful deep-penetrating massage through the combined use of air and water.

  • MTI uses powerful jets that thoroughly massage muscles and help eliminate accumulated toxins.
  • Features whisper-quiet pump.
  • System can be adjusted from a gentle swirl to a more vigorous pulse.
  • Jet locations can be added or moved to meet specific needs.
  • Two systems available: Standard and Ultra Whirlpool systems.
  • Some Ultra Whirlpool systems include Tsubo-Hydromassage, which utilizes micro-jets to create the rhythmic pressure of a pulsating shiatsu-like massage.
  • Available with unparalleled cleaning systems. MTI designed two whirlpool cleaning systems that are the best, most thorough and most efficient whirlpool cleaning systems in the world.

Designer Collection Air Bath / Stream Bath® Combination Bath: Expand your options. You can select a package that offers either the ultimate soaking tub with Stream Bath and either of the two air bath packages available, based on individual needs at any time.

  • Select the light full-body massage of an air bath, in either of two systems: both with MTI’s state-of-the-art air bath systems and Aromatherapy (on tubs with flat deck) and the Aria Elite, which includes 30 air jets, Chromatherapy and Spa Mode.
  • Replicate the feeling and serenity of a forest stream with Stream Bath.  Eight vents move the water gently  and your body feels the soothing effect of the water’s movement.
  • Great for your individual needs at a specific time, as well as for households with family members of different ages and needs.

Designer Collection Whirlpool/Air Combination Bath: Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fully adjusted hydrotherapy system.

  • Select the light full-body massage of an air bath, the deep penetrating massage of a whirlpool or a combination of both.
  • Great for households with family members of different ages and needs.

Whether you prefer the simple luxury of a soaking bath, the invigorating deep-tissue massage of a whirlpool, the feeling and serenity of a forest stream, the light full-body thermo-air massage, or a combination of the two, MTI offers more than 200 tub styles with multiple configurations to meet your specific hydrotherapy needs.

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