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Introducing a full line of stylish sinks that are fully integrated with counter tops. Changing design preferences have created an evolution toward a simpler, more integrated look. The “Counter-Revolution” is largely being driven by the popularity of freestanding tubs, and freestanding tubs taking center stage in the bathroom. Integrated sinks feed the desire for simplicity and work seamlessly into the most elegant of bath designs, providing a fixture that does the task, yet remains mostly behind the scenes. And they are completely customizable. Go to Boutique Collection bathroom counter-sinks.

Boutique Collection Counter-Sinks Are Completely Customizable

MTI Counter-Sinks are available in a variety of bowl styles and shapes, many in single or double bowl layouts. The sink can be positioned in the center or offset to the right or left. Depending on the bowl selected, the counter can range in size from 20″ to 84″ long, with a depth of 16″ to 24″. And the deck height is variable from 1/2″ to 6″. Allowing even more personalization, the sinks can be ordered with a backsplash, sidesplash or integrated overflow. Available colors are white and biscuit, in matte or gloss finish and custom drilling of holes for faucets is offered. MTI Counter-Sinks are compatible with a wide variety of vanities available from MTI and with most other manufacturers’ vanities. And like all Boutique Collection products they are constructed in MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone®, (also referred to as “Engineered Solid Stone®” or “ESS®”) for great looks and easy maintenance.

Why Boutique Collection Counter-Sinks Are the Best Choice

When customers expressed a belief that searching for a sink to work with an existing bathroom was ‘like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole’, MTI listened. That is why the Counter-Sink product group has been designed to be completely customizable like no other. See Standard Features page for Boutique Collection Counter-Sinks and Vanity Sinks.

Include a Teak Sink Tray for a Spa-Like Feel

An ideal resting place for grooming articles and toiletries, MTI’s sink trays are handcrafted of the finest grades of genuine teak.  Designed for MTI sinks and counter-sinks with rectangular bowls, the sink tray is a custom fit. The flat slatted teak tray lets water and soap run through, so there is no residue build-up. For MTI “Green” means environmental responsibility and sustainability. Accordingly, in both the administrative and manufacturing areas, MTI’s commitment is evidenced in the policies and practices it has in place. Go to Teak Products | See MTI Teak Environmental Statement.

Also, Boutique Collection Vanity Sinks

The MTI Vanity Sink is simplicity itself. The clean, contemporary appearance is seamless, with integrated counter, sink and legs or sides. Selection of sizes range from 24″ to 72″ in length depending on the bowl(s) selected. Standard height is 34″ and depth is 18″ or 22″ depending on sink bowl(s) selected. Depending on the length selected, one or two sinks can be specified. Choose from a Parsons-style or Waterfall-style design, each giving the Vanity Sink a truly unique appearance. Shown here with Parsons-style legs and with a floating shelf. Also available are metal console leg systems by Palmer Industries. See the two wall-mounted models that area designed with angled fronts that taper in on a slant of approximately 10° toward the bottom for design interest and ease of use. A built-in, recessed storage area for towels or toiletries is included in the side opposite the bowl. Shown is the MTCS-VW809, which measures 30″ long x 12″ deep x q12″ high. Also available is the MTCS-VWM802, a smaller model that measures 24″ long x 12″ deep x 12″ high. Also available and ideal for smaller spaces are two modern-style pedestal sinks. The Halo and Petra pedestal sinks are perfect for compact, tight spaces. Go to Boutique Collection Vanity Sink products