Dec 2016 Product Updates, New Literature and New Products

112 and 214 Product redesign. The New Yorker 6 & 8 models have been redesigned with a less dramatic slope on the exterior shells.  The #214 also includes integrated armrests.
193 and 196 Specs Update – Drain Options now include brass tailpiece for Elise 4 and Alissa 4
98 and 98A Specs Update – Deck dimensions are 4″ all the way around the tub on the new mold of the Andrea 8 and Andrea 8 Sculpted Finish
65 Specs Update – Textured bottom is no longer available on the Atlantica
Petra Counter-Sinks Product Overview Addition – Petra 10 and 12 Counter-Sinks
191 Specs Correction – Price updated for virtual spout on Melinda 8

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