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Smart design has always been a hallmark of MTI. Recognized with many prestigious awards for design excellence, MTI designs are based on the premise that form must follow function. While style is critical, the design must simultaneously be thoughtful, not allowing versatility and functionality to be sacrificed.

MTI’s product range contains a multitude of offerings that can meet the physical needs of all family members, making MTI products a natural fit for multi-generational households. From low-profile shower bases to easy-entrance tubs, MTI has a wide variety of products, accessories and options that allow all family members to enjoy a bathroom environment that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is universally functional and accommodating.

We hope that the preceding sections have been a source of inspiration and information, offering recommendations and solutions for designing and equipping a multi-generational bathroom. MTI’s smart-design orientation and robust product line make it easy for you to create a bath environment that will work for everyone in the household.