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With all of the possibilities available for the size and style of the tub, it is easy to lose track of the primary reason for choosing a tub over a shower.  Both a tub and a shower are means for cleansing the body and maintaining hygiene, but a tub has the ability to offer hydrotherapy to promote wellness and assist in healing. MTI offers 4 distinct forms of hydrotherapy to meet the varying needs of household members one and all.  So as a multi-generational new construction or remodeling project is being planned, it is wise to give thought to the various types of therapy that may be desired or needed in the household.

  • Simply soaking:  The most fundamental form of hydrotherapy which uses the buoyancy and warmth of water to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and tranquility.
  • Whirlpool bath:  Provides deep tissue massage through jetted water mixed with air.
  • Air bath: Yields a light full-body massage by millions of tiny air bubbles that come from air jets located on the bottom of the bath.
  • Combination whirlpool / air bath:  Offers the flexibility of using either or both therapies, or using the tub for simply soaking.

MTI is one of the few manufacturers to offer this range of hydrotherapy choices over such a large assortment of tub styles, shapes and sizes.  Coupled with an extensive array of options, wide product range and intense customization capabilities, MTI is a rich resource for products that will support and facilitate a multi-generational design approach to the bathroom.