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MTI offers a number of enhancements that can significantly contribute to the comfort and safety of the bathroom environment. Listed below are some of the more popular options.

Grab bars increase safety and security for all family members. Position them strategically in the bathroom, inside and/or outside the tub or shower, or wherever additional stability and assistance may be needed. Available in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes, grab bars are designed to be both decorative and functional. Properly positioned, they are a smart, preventative addition that people of all ages will find helpful. Important: make sure that grab bars are fastened directly to wall studs for safety and security.

Neck pillows available in a variety of shapes, are made of soft, durable vinyl and provide support, comfort and relaxation.

Radiance® Surface Heating System technology uses radiant heat in acrylic bath tubs to warm the interior surface of the bath for neck, shoulders, back and bottom. It provides an even distribution of warmth to eliminate the shock of a cold tub and increases relaxation during the bath. Radiance can also be installed in the seat and floor of seated shower bases.

Virtual Spout is a high-flow tub filler that takes the place of a traditional spout. Not only does it contribute to aesthetics, but it also allows the use of more space in the tub and eliminates a possible source of injury.

Textured Bottom provides a slip-resistant surface and meets ASTM F-462-1994 certification requirements.