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As we have already established, multi-generational or universal design focuses on those who will be living in and using the space. This means that product selection needs to be based on more than aesthetics. Products must match the abilities and meet the requirements of the users.

If a tub is what is needed, desired and preferred for the bathroom, MTI is the comprehensive source, with over 200 available tub models in all sizes, shapes and styles. With MTI design flair, comfort and practicality do not need to be sacrificed when designing a bathroom for multi-generation use. If your specific requirements call for a very shallow tub, MTI has several models that are only 19″ high or less, making entry and exit a more user-friendly and a little less challenging.

There is one tub group of particularly beautiful and clever tub models that need to be highlighted:  the Metro Series. The three Metro models are of clean, contemporary design and feature a generously wide front deck of 11″, which serves as a convenient transfer surface. The bather can sit down on the edge and then turn into the tub instead of climbing over the tub wall.

The functionality of this wide deck feature is further extended when the Metro is installed with an available coordinating contemporary tub surround that has been designed just for this model. This handcrafted furniture piece complements the tub and provides additional storage and decorative display space recessed in front under the wide deck area. Matching vanities are available in a variety of sizes to complete the ensemble. The Metro Suite is an outstanding example of how a product can be beautiful and simultaneously serve the needs of many.

MTI also offers additional possibilities for resting places for use with tubs. One tub seat model available is designed for Andrea Series® tubs and the Madelyn 1 tub. Madelyn 1 features flat armrests, and Andrea Series tubs can be specified with armrests at the time of tub ordering. Since the armrests are flat, they serve as an ideal place for the teak tub seat, which provides a convenient resting place when bathing or hand showering.

Shown to the left is a second type of teak tub seat which provides a convenient transfer surface as well as a resting place during hand showering. It mounts to the wall and can be folded up when not in use. Three sizes are available: 32″, 36″ and 42″ widths.

For those who want or need a tub and are challenged by mobility factors, MTI’s new Walk-In Tub can provide a solution. This tub offers a host of features:

MBWI5030 Walk-In tub measures 50.625″ x 30″ x 36″ and is available with a right- or left-hand drain.

Welded steel frame with adjustable leveling “feet”.

  • Standard equipment:
    • Virtual spout high-flow tub filler eliminates potential obstacle of a filling spout for mobility-challenged individuals.
    • Fast drain with quick-release drain stopper and chain.
    • High-quality hot and cold high-flow valves with handles.
    • Hand-held shower with diverter.
    • 2 acrylic grab bars for security.
    • Slip-resistant textured bottom.
  • Available as a soaker, air bath or whirlpool.
  • Optional inline heater available for all configurations, even soakers!

Get more information about MTI products that are ADA-compliant for municipal and commercial purposes.