Mar 2017 Product Updates, New Literature and New Products

130JP Correction: Valves cannot be installed Updated Specs: Added bottom dimensions
110JP and 120JP Added bottom dimensions to jetted foot spas
110J and 120J Added bottom dimensions to jetted laundry sinks
110 and 120 Added bottom dimensions to laundry sinks
133 Updated Specs – Jasmine 2 is no longer available with Stream Bath
Boutique Tub Model Name Changes Boutique tub Model Name Change – Boutique tubs that are part of a series will no longer have a number following their name. Name will now be followed by actual model number (i.e: Elise, #115).
120 and 143 Updated Specs – Important Note – Freestanding Kahlo models:  Deck-Mount faucetry must be installed off center of the overflow
100 Updated Specs – Updated the tub bowl width dimension

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