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whats_newThe luxury bathroom has transcended “trend” status … it’s a lifestyle. Top designers and remodeling experts concur. Homeowners are increasingly turning to the bathroom for respite from the fast-paced culture technology has created. MTI Baths is a forerunner in high-tech innovations, but employs them instead to slow our heart rates, relax our muscles and soothe our souls in the midst of a frenetic world.

MTI not only addresses the need for creature comforts and enhanced well-being with its cutting-edge products, but also provides a completely customizable bath experience with a “design-your-own sanctuary” approach. Begin with one of more than 100 styles of soakers or bases; choose from dozens of colors in acrylic or solid-surface materials, and mix and match from MTI’s myriad of indulgences, cited this year as the most in-demand in the marketplace today. Here are just a few:

    • Radiance: A patent-pending system that incorporates radiant heat technology in the tub structure to provide a warmed surface for your neck, back and shoulders.
    • Thermaltherapy: An inline heater that uses electricity to maintain bath water warmth can be factory-installed in soakers, whirlpools and air baths. Bath temperature is maintained at a comfortable 102 degrees Fahrenheit for longer bathing pleasure.
    • Stereo H2O: An invisible audio system that delivers your choices of full-bodied sound through the tub. Harnessing the healing power of music, Stereo H2O uses audiotherapy to relieve stress, alleviate pain and promote physical and spiritual wellness.
    • Chromatherapy: The use of light and color for mood and health enhancement. Underwater lighting is provided by digitally controlled LEDs and allows the selection of constant color or preset programs, optimizing the beneficial effects of these chromatic energy sources.
    • Aromatherapy: The art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. The design of MTI’s aromatherapy system allows the use of a wide variety of pure essential oils and blends, each designed to induce a pleasurable state of mind.
    • Bath Furniture: MTI bath furniture is made from only the finest hardwoods, and each piece is built and finished by hand, further enhancing the good looks and quality homeowners look for in the luxury bath.
    • Teak Shower Trays and Seat: Crafted of the finest grades of Burmese teak, MTI teak shower trays and fold-up shower seat introduce an organic element to the bathroom that is both soothing, stylish and functional.
    • Seated Shower Bases: It’s all about comfort. MTI offers an array of luxurious shower bases featuring integral seats and choice of drain configurations. Available with Radiance installed in the seat and floor for added luxury and comfort.
    • Jentle Ped Foot Spa: Complete your home spa environment with a commercial-grade foot bath to soothe tired feet.
  • Nordic/Teutonic Shower Enclosures: Addressing the demand for large, airy showers, MTI offers the Nordic and Teutonic Shower Enclosures, both featuring clean, uncluttered designs providing a spacious spa-like experience. Nordic Series enclosures incorporate solid brass hinges in various finishes while Teutonic Series enclosures feature a solid stainless steel roller mechanism.

These are just some of the hundreds of products and innovations MTI offers, allowing you to soak up the luxury you long for and deserve. For additional information about how to transform your bath into a personal sanctuary, visit