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jc-henry(Atlanta, GA – December 15, 2009) MTI Baths is saddened to announce that its beloved founder, Mr. JC Henry, passed away December 14, 2009. Mr. Henry founded the company in 1988 and is widely respected in the industry for his creation of the world’s first self-cleaning whirlpool tub.

“We are heartbroken by the loss of our dear friend and colleague,” said Kathy Adams, CEO of MTI Whirlpools. “JC Henry was a remarkable man who had incredible vision and innovation. It was his passion and creativity that built MTI into the industry leader that it is today. He was loved and respected by the entire MTI family, and we will feel the pain of his passing for many years to come.”

Mr. Henry had a varied, colorful career history, including jobs that ranged from machinist to collections agent! Amazingly, at the age of 59 he not only started again, but started from scratch with a highly entrepreneurial spirit. His goal was a simple one: to make the best whirlpool tubs on the market. He named his company “Mr. Tubs” and began buying tubs from other manufactures and plumbing them with whirlpool systems. However, he quickly grew dissatisfied with the available quality and decided to take matters into his own hands. He bought a defunct bathtub manufacturing facility in 1990 and began producing his own tubs. Within a few short years, his company was creating a higher quality acrylic tub than the majority of the industry.

Perhaps Mr. Henry is best known professionally for his invention of the patented Fill-Flush® system. As business expanded, he was increasingly bothered by the build-up of soap residue and deposits of varying types left behind in the plumbing lines. Through a great deal of trial and error and by adding a few custom-made parts, Mr. Henry created the world’s first self-cleaning whirlpool. He obtained a patent for the product, and until this day the Fill-Flush® whirlpool cleaning system is still the best, most thorough and most efficient whirlpool cleaning system on the market. Under his leadership, the company grew rapidly, offering high quality and an unprecedented degree of customization for tubs.

As the years passed, the company earned a reputation for innovation and began to pursue high-end showroom sales as well as hotel projects. When Mr. Henry decided to retire in 2001, he wanted to leave the company in trusted hands that would continue his legacy of quality and service. Beyond this, he was concerned for the employees’ continued employment. So he declined several outside offers and instead sold his company to a group of 25 employees, who mortgaged all they had to raise the cash. At that time the company was renamed MTI Baths and embarked on its current mission to become the best in the world.

Mr. Henry was 80 years old and is survived by his wife, Doris Henry, daughters Carol Preston, Vicki Henry-Higgins, Debbie Goin and son Michael, 9 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

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