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These Products from MTI Meet Varying Needs with Style.

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pr_108(Atlanta, GA – April 3, 2008) Who says comfort and style can’t go hand in hand? MTI sets the bar when it comes to stylish tubs, shower bases and glass enclosures that are as functional as they are fashionable. There are some key factors that need to be considered to accommodate the needs of various family members in the bath, such as: safety, space, comfort and ease of living. That’s where MTI comes in. MTI products are designed to meet not only the aesthetic requirements but the varying physical needs of family members.

The appeal of MTI’s new shower bases lies in their versatility. Shown above, the 7242 shower base features a low-profile multiple threshold flexible enough to be recessed into the floor. When used in combination with a teak shower tray, it provides a level transition from bath floor to shower. It is also available with a teak shower seat, that can be folded away when not in use. Completing the ensemble is the Teutonic frameless glass enclosure, with wide-opening glass door that rolls effortlessly on a stainless steel rail. MTI offers products that integrate to meet the needs of the whole family.

Also shown is MTI’s Jentle Ped® foot spa, available in 3 different styles to accommodate a multitude of space and design requirements! The Jentle Ped lets you put your best foot forward with a style and size that’s uniquely you. A drop-in design, whether contemporary, square or contoured, allows the foot spa to blend effortlessly with your existing decor.

Certain family members may find that a seated shower base provides easier access than a tub, and MTI offers 6 different models from which to choose. The shower base seats are positioned at a comfortable height of 17 inches, and to take the shock out of those cold mornings, MTI’s patent-pending Radiance® technology can be integrated in the seat and floor of the shower base. With the variety of size combinations, you’ll be certain to find one that will work well in your bathroom configuration.

MTI also offers an assortment of frameless glass enclosures for its shower bases to keep with the modern aesthetic. One popular design is the dual-door frameless enclosure which provides wide-access doors. Available for the standard-height and low-profile bases, this enclosure provides easy access without sacrificing a bit of style.

Looking to relax and unwind conveniently? MTI has you covered! The front deck area of the Metro tub models is 11″ deep, which makes it very convenient for entering and exiting the tub. One can sit on the deck and twist around instead of having to climb over the edge. Metro baths are characterized by their minimalist design and generous functionality. The coordinating, contemporary tub surround also allows for storage and decorative space in front.

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for air baths, whirlpools and soaking baths, offering more than 125 models in a variety of colors with endless options. MTI also offers a wide variety of durable acrylic shower bases, glass shower enclosures and sinks. Located near Atlanta, the employee-owned company offers products through an exclusive network of kitchen and bath showrooms throughout the country. The company is gaining national recognition for its ability to provide products that are both innovative and classic.

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