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cleaning_logo(Atlanta, GA – October 5, 2007)
Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that is most important! Such is the case with MTI’s whirlpool cleaning system.

MTI Baths, unparalleled in the industry, has always affirmed that its patented Fill-Flush®/Simple Touch® whirlpool cleaning system is “the best in the world.” From time to time, however, MTI has been challenged regarding the effectiveness and thoroughness of this system. So we decided to have the cleaning system tested by an independent third party, and the results have just been received. The National Sanitation Foundation tests, conducted on the MTI Fill-Flush/Simple Touch system with Fresh Wave cleaner, validate MTI’s hygienic claims. The test results show that MTI’s cleaning system meets the bacteria cleaning requirements for pools and spas, as specified by the National Standards Foundation (NSF)/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in Standard 50 – a standard requiring a 99.9% reduction in Streptococcus faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Why is a thorough, effective whirlpool cleaning system necessary? Because, by their nature, whirlpool plumbing lines have a tendency to collect soap residue, body oils, dirt and water deposits. When used on a regular basis, MTI’s Fill-Flush, or the more automated Simple Touch system, will keep whirlpool plumbing lines clean and clear by circulating fresh water and cleaning solution (such as MTI’s own Fresh Wave brand) through the water and air lines, point-massage jets and pump. In less than five minutes and less than 10 gallons of water, an MTI whirlpool is left clean and sanitary for the next use. The Fill-Flush/Simple Touch whirlpool cleaning system is available only from MTI!

What does all of this mean for you? Simply put, when you relax in an MTI whirlpool, or use any of the MTI Baths spa products, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the most hygienic system on the market. Making it remarkably easy for you to relax in luxury and nothing else!

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customization’s for air baths, whirlpools and soaking baths, offering more than 100 acrylic models in a variety of colors with endless options. MTI also offers a line of durable acrylic shower bases and companion glass enclosures. Located near Atlanta, the employee-owned company offers products through an exclusive network of kitchen and bath showrooms throughout the country. The company is gaining national recognition for its ability to provide products that are both innovative and classic.

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