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Announcement Made At Shareholders Meeting In Atlanta, Georgia.

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russel-adams(Atlanta, GA – December 5, 2009) MTI Baths, the leading manufacturer of quality kitchen and bath products and known for unique customizations, today announced it has appointed Russell Adams as President. Russell is currently Vice President/Business Development of MTI and will take over all day-to-day responsibilities of the company. Kathy Adams, who has led the company since 1998 will transition to CEO. These appointments will take effect January 1, 2010.

“Russell is an experienced leader with a profound knowledge of the MTI business, relationships and daily operations,” said Kathy Adams. “Not only has Russell designed many of the company’s most successful products, but he created the hospitality division for MTI and has also worked very closely with sales in expanding the MTI business. We’re confident through his leadership MTI will continue its uncompromising commitment to quality, innovation and customization.”

MTI Baths started as a local whirlpool manufacturer in 1988. Over the years, the company has been transformed into an industry leader in terms of the quality of its product and service. Russell was instrumental in creating the designs necessary for the company to gain industry-wide respect and gaining the attention of the design community. The common thread among all his products is form meets function: designs for everyday living and working. Awards for design excellence have been presented to MTI for Russell’s creations yearly from 1999 to 2009.

Russell began working in the MTI plant as a teenager. He received his degree from the University of Georgia Franklin School of Arts and Sciences and upon graduation joined the company full time in the sales department. In this role, he developed key contacts with architects and designers to create products for commercial projects. Much of his success in gaining entrance into this market was in part due to the company’s patented Fill-Flush® / Simple Touch® whirlpool cleaning system, which meets the most stringent hygienic standards. This sector of the MTI business grew quickly and contributed to the rapid growth of the company.

Russell has been the driving force behind many of the company’s most successful product lines including the Classic and Designer Series and an award-winning line of specialty products. His hands-on experiences in manufacturing combined with his design sensibilities and unique talents have resulted in a superb product offering. Most recently, he embarked on the creation of the BOUTIQUE COLLECTION – a dynamic ensemble of award-winning products celebrating minimalist design. He then extended the Collection by collaborating with Atlanta-based designer Matthew Quinn to create an exceptional line of tubs and sinks that have raised the bar in bath design.

The success and growth of MTI has always been inherent in Russell’s actions. When the company founder, J.C. Henry, decided to retire in 2001, Russell was a leader in the successful effort made by the employees to purchase the company. Russell was also instrumental in implementation of strategies that resulted in rapid growth during the real estate boon and continued success during the “Great Housing Recession”.

MTI is distinguished from its competitors by the incredible degree of customization offered and high standard of customer service. The company sets the trend when it comes to product design and always honors J.C. Henry’s original mission to make the best tubs on the market. And that philosophy is sure to continue and flourish with Russell at the helm.

“My vision for the company is to continue to build MTI brand awareness until we are known both within the industry and by savvy consumers as the best tub brand available,” stated Russell Adams, President of MTI Baths.

About MTI Baths
Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for its expansive line of bath products. MTI offers fine products in acrylic, engineered solid-surface and wood, all manufactured with care in the USA. MTI’s Designer and Classic Series include over 100 bath models, constructed of high-quality Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic. Most can be specified as a soaker, air bath, whirlpool or combination whirlpool / air bath, complemented by a huge range of options and accessories. MTI also offers durable acrylic shower bases, frameless glass enclosures, handcrafted bath furniture and specialty products, such as the Jentle Jet® laundry sink. MTI’s Boutique Collection of design-savvy solid-surface tubs, lavatory sinks and shower bases presents a rich resource for those looking for distinctive bath products in alternative materials.