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Announcement Made At Shareholders Meeting In Atlanta, Georgia

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kathy_adams(Atlanta, GA – March 3, 2010) MTI Baths is pleased to announce that Kathy Adams will continue her leadership role as CEO while relinquishing some of her daily duties to other members of the company’s executive team. Russell Adams has been named President, Ryan Whitinger is the new Chief Operations Officer and MaryBeth Barfield will serve as Controller. These changes became effective January 1, 2010.

“Kathy has been an invaluable member of the MTI team and will continue to play an integral part in the future of the company in her new role,” said Russell Adams. “She has steered MTI through a period of amazing growth, taking MTI from a regional company producing best-priced basic products to a national leader offering high-end products. We will continue to look to Kathy for her expert guidance when it comes to MTI’s strategic plans and financial management.”

Perhaps Kathy’s greatest contribution has been her focus on leadership development. Kathy has defined an MTI leader as one who “helps those around him/her to become successful”. Kathy’s sensitivity to the human dimension has not only contributed to the personal development of MTI employees, but also positioned MTI with sustained leadership to ensure its continued growth.

With a Master of Professional Accountancy degree from Georgia State University, Kathy joined MTI Baths in 1994 after having served as CPA for its founder J.C. Henry. She was appointed president in 1998 and led an employee rally in 2001 to secure the funds necessary to purchase the company when Mr. Henry announced his plans to retire. During her presidency, MTI tripled its sales of acrylic tubs and firmly established its reputation as the industry leader among manufacturers of kitchen and bath products.

MTI is renowned for its customization options and unique specialty products. Kathy provided key leadership in this realm as well. She is the inventor of the patented Jentle Jet® laundry sink and co-inventor of Radiance®, MTI’s patent pending innovation that uses radiant heat technology to warm the bath tub shell for increased bather comfort.

“Our strategic goal has been to become the best in the world at what we do in terms of service, before, during and after the sale, in terms of product quality, design and innovation, and in terms of brand presentation,” noted Kathy. “This is a goal that is never complete, but one for which we will continue to strive.”

About MTI Baths
Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation and unique customizations for its expansive line of bath products. MTI offers fine products in acrylic, engineered solid-surface and wood, all manufactured with care in the USA. MTI’s Designer and Classic Series include over 100 bath models, constructed of high-quality Lucite® cross-linked cast acrylic. Most can be specified as a soaker, air bath, whirlpool or combination whirlpool / air bath, complemented by a huge range of options and accessories. MTI also offers durable acrylic shower bases, frameless glass enclosures, handcrafted bath furniture and specialty products, such as the Jentle Jet® laundry sink. MTI’s Boutique Collection of design-savvy solid-surface tubs, lavatory sinks and shower bases presents a rich resource for those looking for distinctive bath products in alternative materials. As committed as MTI is to cutting-edge design and materials, of equal importance is environmental responsibility. For the full MTI Green Story, go to Us/MTI and the Environment. For more information on MTI Baths, call 800-783-8827 or visit To contact Kathy Adams please email her