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The Innovative Tub is Named Judges Pick.

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PR-PIA-award(Sugar Hill, GA. December 22, 2015) MTI Baths is proud to announce its win of a Judge’s Pick in K+BB’s 2015 Product Innovator Awards. Out of 130+ innovative bathroom submissions, MTI Baths’ Cáscara was chosen in the popular “Judges’ Picks” category, where the esteemed judges were able to make personal choices of products they felt were also worthy of recognition.

One of the Judges, Pam Goldstein, loved the tub’s functional wide ledge (a universal design feature) as a seat for entry and exit. “It is an honor to be named a Judge’s Pick in the 2015 Product Innovator Awards,” stated Russell Adams, MTI’s President and Chief of Design. “The Cáscara tub was constructed with family in mind. If desired, we can also install curved grab bars on opposite inner walls to allow for stable movement inside and out.”

As part of MTI’s Boutique Collection, the Cáscara allows bathing connoisseurs to have it all. The tub comes as a soaker or air bath with a full range of therapy options including 20 air jets, a heated air blower, a waterproof remote control and an integrated slotted overflow requiring only a drain installation. The Cáscara is available in white or biscuit with a matte or high-gloss finish, as well as with coordinating tub trays, tables and faucet stands for optimal convenience.

Cáscara was designed to be a sculptural element for the bathroom. Measuring 71” x 42” x 23”, its assymetrical design, clean lines and organic shape make a bold yet elegant statement that is extraordinary.

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