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Sensational Simplicity.

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PR-Cascara(Sugar Hill GA – May 29, 2015) In a world where freestanding tubs are often a centerpiece design feature, the new Cáscara tub from MTI Baths stands out from the ordinary with a bold sculptural beauty and exceptionally sophisticated aesthetic. At first glance, it appears to be hewn from solid stone, a glorious masterpiece of nature. Upon closer inspection, the intrinsic genius of the tub is revealed – the contoured perfection of every surface, the seamless elegance that speaks of the master craftsmanship and care that goes into each piece. The Cáscara tub combines blissful comfort with exquisite good looks.

Constructed of MTI’s proprietary Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS), the Cáscara gives the impression of a rock-solid tub designed to withstand the ages. Its eco-friendly mixture of natural ground materials and high-performance resin mimics the natural beauty of stone while giving MTI designers the flexibility needed to create this visual delight. The elliptical silhouette is clean and refined, void of excess ornamentation. The gently curved sides and unusual oblique ledge add interest and enhance the comfort of the bathing experience.

As part of MTI’s Boutique Collection, the Cáscara allows bathing connoisseurs to have it all. The tub comes as a soaker or air bath with a full range of therapy options including 20 air jets, a heated air blower, a waterproof remote control and an integrated slotted overflow requiring only a drain installation. The Cáscara is available in white or biscuit with a matte or high-gloss finish, as well as coordinating tub trays, tables and faucet stands for optimal convenience. The tub is well-suited for large or small bathroom spaces, with proportions measuring 71″ long by 42″ wide and a comforting 22.75″ deep.

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for award-winning designs, personalized customization and artisan quality. Manufactured in Lucite® cast acrylic or Engineered Solid Stone™, MTI tubs, sinks and shower bases are handcrafted in the USA and made to order. MTI also offers a line of water-resistant genuine teak accessories for shower and bath. For information on MTI’s extensive selection of design and customization options call 800-783-8827 or visit