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(Sugar Hill, Georgia – July 29, 2015) MTI Baths is well known for its endless customization options and its commitment to sustainable business practices. Those two core traits came together in singular fashion recently when the company had the opportunity to partner with some creative students from a local high school. And the results were particularly appreciated by two produce-loving iguanas named Jose and Cuervo.

Under the direction of CEO Kathy Adams, MTI Baths had agreed to provide students in an entrepreneurial studies program at Lanier High School with a real-life business problem to solve. Kathy presented the students with a sustainability challenge: what to do with the leftover tiles of Engineered Solid Stone® that were the result of MTI’s Counter-Sink manufacturing process. Eleven groups of students studied the problem and presented the MTI team with their innovative solutions, which ranged from pet grave stones to trophy plaques.

Fast forward to a meeting between Russell Adams, President of MTI Baths, and Jay Pecotte, Senior Director of Hotel Development at Hard Rock International. Russell described the partnership to Jay and mentioned that one of the top ideas had been reptile feeding dishes. Apparently the heavy ESS slabs are ideal for feeding dishes because reptiles tend to step on their food bowl, spill and ruin their fresh produce and other perishables. Also, the front of the bowl needed to be angled for easy access to the food. Jay’s face lit up. His own iguanas – Jose and Cuervo – had the same problem and he loved the idea of a custom-made feeding bowl. Jay provided MTI Baths with the appropriate measurements and the team got to work. The happy ending of the story is that Jose and Cuervo have new spill-proof feeding bowls and everyone involved feels good about their participation in this unique “extreme customization” project.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our involvement in this project from beginning to end,” said Kathy. “MTI Baths is always looking for ways to live up to our goal of being an ‘excellent corporate citizen,’ which means actively searching for ways to be helpful to those in our community and being environmentally friendly in all we do. The students and their ideas were quite impressive, and we are pleased that the end result had a practical application, albeit for a very small market. I guess this just goes to show how serious MTI Baths is about customization!”


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* MTI Bath’s exclusive Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS), which is a mixture of ground minerals and high performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened to create the sink, is becoming more popular among consumers and hotel designers because of its durability, upscale appearance and organic feel. It is the material used in all tubs, sinks and shower bases in MTI’s Boutique Collection.