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Pushing the Design Continuum.

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design-cont(Sugar Hill GA – March 25, 2015) When great minds collaborate, the results are certain to be spectacular. Case in point – the beautiful new Continuum sink from MTI Baths. Created in partnership with renowned kitchen and bath designer Matthew Quinn, this semi-recessed sink is a perfect example of re-imagining everyday objects.

The Continuum offers a sleek, sophisticated style that is certain to attract attraction. Its ingenious construction uses the countertop cut-out to form the bottom of the sink, creating an illusion of a seamless design that allows the striations of the counter material to visually flow ‘through’ the sink. Only the top two inches of the sink rim rest on the countertop, although that may be extended up to 4.25” on request. The total dimensions for the sink measure 21” x 16” x 2”, and leveling feet are included to support the cut-out in the sink bowl.

As part of MTI’s exclusive Boutique Collection, the Continuum is manufactured of proprietary Engineered Solid Stone™, a non-porous mixture of natural ground materials and high performance resins that is 100% solid and easy to maintain. Because nearly 65% of the material is organic, the sink is considered environmentally friendly.

With its singular design and contemporary style, the Continuum promises to catch the notice of fashion-forward designers and homeowners everywhere. It is just the latest example of the amazing designs, quality construction and innovative partnerships that are signatures of the MTI brand and its collection of extraordinary bath products.

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for award-winning design, personalized customization and artisan quality. MTI tubs, shower bases, sinks and hardwood bath furniture are Handcrafted in the USA. MTI also offers water-resistant teak accessories and frameless glass shower enclosures. For information on MTI’s extensive selection of design and customization options call 800-783-8827 or visit