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Experience the gentle flow of MTI’s newest therapy.

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(Sugar Hill GA – October 26, 2015) In an industry flooded with the same old tubs, therapies and bathing options, MTI Baths offers an alternative so simple that it seems almost intuitive – an experience that beckons you to revel in the great outdoors and discover the exquisite experience of a flowing forest stream.

Stream Bath® lives up to its name by re-creating the experience of bathing in a forest stream. Imagine the soft sound of flowing water, the gentle current that caresses the body. The essence of that organic experience has been captured and brought into the bathroom as an exceptional hydrotherapy option that is gentle enough for all bathers to enjoy.

“The Stream Bath is as nature intended – thoughtful and awakening to the senses, yet gentle and relaxing,” says Russell Adams, President of MTI Baths. “The concept is simple – a forest stream – but it represents a big move for the industry, and we’re very excited to be on the forefront of this new direction. We believe that the therapy aspects of Stream Bath really transcend the traditional soaker and take the bathing experience to a whole new level.”

Available on most of MTI Baths’ Designer Collection drop-in tubs, both soakers and air baths, the therapy inside utilizes directional currents of water flow with no trace of turbulence or bubbles. Since it uses vents, not jets – the output of Stream Bath vents moves the water toward the bather as opposed to directly on the bather like air bath or whirlpool jets. A whisper-quiet pump and strategically placed rotating vents allow bathers to control the streams of water to create unique flow patterns. An optional inline heater maintains the water temperature at a sublime 104º F, creating an experience that invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

The end vents create streams of water that flow toward you, over your body. Along both sides are asymmetrically positioned vents that can be rotated to direct unique flow patterns that you create. You can even point the side vents toward the surface to create your private “babbling brook”.

Stream Bath is an advanced technology offered exclusively by MTI. As a company known for its ability to customize and respond to the needs of its customers, MTI has simplified the process of choosing a tub by offering what nature always intended – a rolling stream of therapy.
Discover a restorative experience the way nature always intended from the comfort of your own home with MTI Baths’ new Stream Bath.

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