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Award-winning Lily slipper tub provides exceptional bath experience

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(Sugar Hill GA – February 23, 2017) Inspired by the delicate profile of its floral namesake, the award-winning Lily from MTI Baths brings a modern touch to the traditional slipper tub. Its gently MTI Lilysloping sides and curved rim resemble beautiful petals but also provide extraordinary comfort and strategic positioning to support a bather’s head and neck. The overall look is airy and ethereal with a contemporary vibe that makes this freestanding tub a true stand-out in any bathroom décor.

Lily was also a stand-out at the 2017 Iconic Awards, where it was named a product winner at the awards ceremony in Cologne, Germany. The Iconic Awards recognizes exemplary projects in architecture, interior, product, communications and concept.

“Lily mimics the beauty of nature, translating the graceful curves of a flower into an exceptional tub design that hugs the body and creates a relaxed lounging position for a truly luxurious bath experience,” said Michael Kornowa, Director of Marketing for MTI Baths. “Our design team captured the fluidity of that silhouette and incorporated it perfectly into the engineering of the tub.”

As part of MTI’s popular Boutique Collection, Lily is available as a soaker or air bath in white or biscuit with a matte or high-gloss finish. Measuring a generous 60-1/4” x 32” x 20-3/4”, the tub comes with an integrated slotted overflow which requires only drain installation. Lily is manufactured of MTI’s proprietary Engineered Solid Stone®, a non-porous mixture of natural ground minerals and high-performance resins that is solid throughout and easy to maintain. Options include a floor-mounted high-flow tub filler, faucet stands, bathroom table or tub tray.


Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for award-winning design, personalized customization and artisan quality. MTI tubs, shower bases, sinks, Counter-Sinks, Vanity Sinks and genuine teak accessories are all handcrafted in the USA. For information on MTI’s extensive selection of design and customization options call 800-783-8827 or visit

* MTI Bath’s exclusive Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS®), which is a mixture of ground minerals and high performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened to create the tub, is becoming more popular among consumers and hotel designers because of its durability, upscale appearance and organic feel. It is the material used in all tubs, sinks and shower bases in MTI’s Boutique Collection.