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The Innovative Sink is Named Product Winner.


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(Sugar Hill, GA. August 10, 2016) MTI Baths is pleased to announce their win for the Continuum Sink in the 2016 Iconic Awards. Now in its fourth edition, the Iconic Awards recognizes exemplary projects in five categories: architecture, interior, product, communication and concept.

Designed by nationally renowned kitchen and bath designer Matthew Quinn, the Continuum’s ingenious construction re-uses the countertop cut-out to form a faux bottom of the sink, creating an illusion of a seamless design that allows the striations of the counter material to visually flow ‘through’ the sink.

“Continuum was inspired by the individuality, movement and beauty of natural stone. This sink was created to provide a continuation of nature directly through the vessel,” stated designer Matthew Quinn. “Partnering with MTI Baths on the Continuum sink ensured perfect execution and understanding of the sink’s design.”

Outstanding innovative interior and product design are honored by the jury of the Iconic Awards. As an independent, international architecture and design competition, the Iconic Awards focus on the interplay between all the disciplines in the architecture, construction and real estate sector and the design and productive industries. With these awards, the German Design Council wants simultaneously to strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and broaden public understanding of architecture.

Since 1988, MTI Baths has earned a reputation for award-winning design, personalized customization and artisan quality. MTI tubs, shower bases, sinks and hardwood bath furniture are Handcrafted in the USA. MTI also offers water-resistant teak accessories and frameless glass shower enclosures. For information on MTI’s extensive selection of design and customization options call 800-783-8827 or visit

* MTI Bath’s exclusive Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS®), which is a mixture of ground minerals and high performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened to create the tub, is becoming more popular among consumers and hotel designers because of its durability, upscale appearance and organic feel. It is the material used in all tubs, sinks and shower bases in MTI’s Boutique Collection.