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MTI understands that the requirements for an ADA-compliant bath can be a challenge for the designer. In order to be ADA-compliant, it is imperative that products be installed in accordance with the official ADA standards.  Additional local, state and/or federal standards may also apply.  This guide is intended to serve only as a general guide to ADA specification as it relates to MTI products and does not claim to cover all possible codes and requirements. Please also feel free to contact the MTI Project Group for personalized assistance. You can also review the official standards at www.ada.gov/2010ADAstandards, or you can contact the U.S. Department of Justice directly at www.ada.gov. In most cases of MTI product categories the products themselves are not generally ADA compliant on their own. Guidelines address various needs of not only the products but the space around it.


See section 607 of the ADA standards for written requirements and diagrams to assist in specification. In ADA tub recommendations, MTI specifically considers the requirement of the ADA seat top to be 17-19″ from the finished floor. Seat dimensions, tile thickness, and other factors must also be considered so not all tubs listed will necessarily work for each ADA project. NOTE: The following options may increase the height of the tub beyond ADA standards: Frame system and Air Bath System. The following tubs can be used in ADA applications when installed per ADA requirements: ADA Tubs
#226 Andrea 26 54″ x 30″ x 15″
#212 Andrea 25 48” x 32” x 18”
#107 Andrea 17 54” x 30” x 18”
#12 Wyndham 3 60” x 30” x 17”
MBRR6030E BASICS 60” x 30” x 17”
#154 Cameron 4 60” x 31” x 18”
#96 Andrea 6 60” x 32” x 18”
#209 Andrea 23 66” x 36” x 17”
#92 Andrea 2 72” x 32” x 17”
#106 Andrea 16 72” x 42” x 18”
MBRO7142E BASICS 72” x 42” x 19”

Shower Pans

ADA Shower Pans See Section 608 of the ADA standards for written requirements and diagrams to assist in specification. ADA standards separate two types of shower pan: “Transfer Pans” are designed to allow easy transfer from a wheelchair to an ADA seat, while “Roll-In Pans” allow for the full wheelchair to enter the shower. For Roll-In Pans, MTI considers the fact that a 60″ clearance is required and thus recommends only 63″ long shower pans to allow for a 60″ clearance once the tile and backer board are installed. MTI currently offers 2 Roll-In Pans that are Barrier-Free: MTSB-6332BF | MTSB-6336BF


See Section 606 of the ADA Standards for written CIE-412-10855requirements and diagrams to assist in specification. One key ADA requirement as it relates to MTI Baths wall-mount lavatory sinks is the maximum height of  34″ from the finished floor (606.3). Also of note, knee clearance is required from the floor up to 27″ height. The remaining space left for a sink is just under 7″ tall. MTI’s counter sinks are built to order. For aesthetic reasons we recommend that the height be tall enough so the sink basin is not exposed from the elevation view. We can cut down the inner sink basin and make it shallower to accommodate a shorter exterior overall height if you would like. Typical requested sink heights for ADA units frange from 5″ – 6.75″ tall. Also note that knee clearance below must be minimum 30″ wide by 8″ deep (consider the latter for sink drain/p-trap location). Other clearances are also specified in the standards. Take special note of faucet and p-trap requirements. Please contact the MTI Project Group for assistance in specifying a wall-mount ADA Counter-Sink. These are ideal for restaurants, lobby bathrooms, ADA hotel guest rooms, suites for stadiums and more. View MTI Counter-Sinks.

Teak Shower Seats

For all ADA shower seats, take special note of additional information including but not limited to control and grab bar locations as well as types of pans and seat requirements for each. For all seats, allowable stresses shall not be exceeded for materials used when a vertical or horizontal force of 250 pounds (1112 N) is applied at any point on the seat, fastener, mounting device, or supporting structure. MTI has a small assortment of ADA-compliant seats and can also build custom size and shape ADA seats to order (6-10 week lead time). Please contact MTI Project Group for custom inquiries. ADA Shower Seats Roll-In showers require folding style seats. They must extend from the back to a point within 3″ ADA Shower Seatsfrom the front entry. It must be installed on the control wall. In transfer-type showers, the seat must also extend from the back to a point within 3″ from the front entry. The seat must installed so the top is within 17 19″ from the finished floor. For rectangular seats, the rear edge of a rectangular seat shall be 2.5″ max and the front edge 15-16″ from the seat wall. The side edge shall be 1.5″ maximum from the adjacent wall. This guide is intended to highlight some specific requirements and is not complete. MTI recommends that a qualified designer assist with all ADA room specifications. For the most updated information on ADA compliance, please contact the United States Access Board and the US Department of Justice. Please also attend to any state and local building codes that may be required in the building zone. For assistance in choosing MTI products for an ADA bath, please contact the MTI Projects Group or call 800.783.8827.