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MTI’s Fill-Flush® and Simple Touch® self-cleaning whirlpool systems set the standard for cleanliness and continues to lead the industry today in cleaning the internal plumbing system of whirlpools.

MTI is now drawing on this experience and applying its expertise to producing high-quality, full-featured commercial spa equipment at reasonable prices. We invite you to compare MTI’s hydrotherapy equipment to other products on the market. This comparison table will assist you in making your evaluations.

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MTI Whirlpool System Pipeless Systems Implication
1 efficient and whisper-quiet pump.
1 pump for each individual jet. Extra pumps in pipeless systems create additional noise and increase the potential for service issues.
system quickly and efficiently flushes the internal plumbing system, including the water and air lines, jets, pump and suction*. Ideal cleaning for the foot spa after the foot bath. To keep the water hygienic during the foot bath for the benefit of the client and also the technician, MTI also offers the Ozone Bath Sanitation System. 200 times stronger than household bleach, yet safe and gentle enough to activate during foot spa use. Ozone is safe for the environment and leaves no chemical by-products.
Each individual jet must be removed and sanitized. Increased down time for the pipeless pedicure unit.
Hydrotherapy Experience
Air and water combination allows full control of jet pressure.
Water-only jets do not allow for deep tissue jet pressure. Whirlpool system is the only way to provide a true hydrotherapy experience.
Packages with valves and cleaning system installed are available at an economical price point.
Complicated jets and additional pumps lead to increased pricing. Experience and expertise in whirlpool systems allows MTI Baths to provide the best value for the money.

*Third party testing of the MTI Fill-Flush / Simple Touch system with Fresh Wave cleaner, validate MTI’s hygienic claims. The test results show that MTI’s cleaning system meets the bacteria cleaning requirements for pools and spas, as specified by the National Standards Foundation (NSF)/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in Standard 50 – a standard requiring a 99.9% reduction in Streptococcus faecalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.