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MTI has a culture of quality and innovation. MTI’s products are not only built to last but also offer cutting edge features and unique applications of technologies.

All MTI systems are high-performance, quiet and the cleanest available on the market. One of MTI’s oldest and best known innovations is the patented Fill-Flush whirlpool cleaning system which is now a required feature for whirlpool tubs in many hotel brand standards.

MTI’s air bath systems are inherently hygienic, by design: Unique plastic air jet nozzles and housings prevent water and residue from reaching the fiberglass backing of the bath. Built-in check valves are designed to allow the air produced by the blower out but prevent any water from coming in. An automatic purge cycle activates 7 minutes after the water has drained out of the tub. The blower turns on and blows air through the air lines, removing any water that may be in the top portion of the jet nozzle. The check valve has already prevented any water from entering the air line. This underscores MTI’s thoroughness in producing systems that are hygienically sound.