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Standard Features - Solid-Surface Shower Bases


Shown above is the MTSB-SS6032HD low-profile multiple-threshold shower pan with hidden drain. 

MTI produces a full range of over 50 high-quality shower bases, also known as shower pans, with a wide selection of genuine teak accessories. Like the tubs and sinks in MTI’s Boutique Collection, the Engineered Solid-Stone shower bases represent the epitome of clean design and exceptional craftsmanship. They are also easy to clean and blend with a wide variety of materials and decors.

All models are of low-profile, multiple-threshold design, which means that they can be specified from the factory to accept glass enclosures on one, two or three sides. The low-profile design not only presents a very clean look, but it also makes entrance and exit easier.

For an exceptionally clean look, all Boutique Collection shower pans also feature a drain hidden by a cover that matches the color of the shower base. An optional drain cover of genuine teak is also available.

Standard Features for Construction of Engineered Solid-Stone Shower Bases

  • MTI solid-surface shower bases are constructed using MTI’s "ESS®" material.
  • “ESS” material is Engineered Solid Stone®, which is a mixture of ground natural minerals and binding agents that are liquefied, poured and then hardened.
  • Matte surface meets ANSI standards for slip-resistance.
  • Approximately 65% of the material is organic, including minerals mined from the earth, making it quite "Green".
  • The result is molded stone.
  • In contrast to some composite material products on the market, MTI Boutique Collection products are solid through-and-through, with no layers, hollow or void areas.
  • This material is non-porous, stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant, making cleaning and maintenance easy.
  • All are multiple-threshold design with hidden drain.
  • Tile flange(s) included to facilitate installation.
  • Pre-leveled and includes a foam base.


MTI’s ESS (Engineered Solid-Surface) material is non-porous and solid through-and-through.



Competitors’ composite material has a top-surface coating applied.



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