Shower Bases - Acrylic CXL

MTI Designer Collection acrylic shower bases are attractive, easy to clean and integrate with a wide variety of materials and decors. Choose from a generous assortment of sizes and shapes, including square, rectangle, rounded front, neo-angle and seated. Additionally, there are end- and center-drain models available to meet your specific installation requirements.

Some bases are single threshold, and others are low-profile multiple-threshold, which means that they can be specified from the factory to accept glass enclosures on one, two or three sides. The low-profile design not only presents a very clean look, but it also makes entrance and exit easier. The shallow height of these base thresholds also permits them to be recessed in the floor. When used in combination with a genuine teak shower tray, a flat transition is created between bathroom floor and shower.

The Designer Collection also includes barrier-free shower bases, which are designed specifically for installations that require a flat transition from bathroom floor to shower. These bases are also equipped with a special patented drain design to effectively capture the shower water.