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Discover the beauty of mineral composite tubs, sinks and shower bases

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Boutique - Sculpturestone®

An exclusive collection of striking products that transform your bathroom into a showcase of the extraordinary. Inspired, award-winning designs handcrafted by artisans using MTI’s proprietary SculptureStone® , 100% solid, mostly organic, beautiful and easy to maintain.

Acquabella - Mineral Composite

Natural minerals, science and artistry are combined to produce design-savvy products that will satisfy tastes traditional, transitional and contemporary. Bathroom tubs, sinks and shower bases that are beautiful, functional and durable. Mineral Composite, with a chemically-bonded coated finish.

Designer - Dolomatte® & Acrylic CXL®

A comprehensive selection of thoughtfully designed and handcrafted products in varying styles, shapes and sizes. The Designer Collection offers endless options for wellness therapies and product personalization. Formed and manufactured in DoloMatte® and Acrylic CXL®, all attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

BASICS - Acrylic CXL®

The right combination of quality, craftsmanship, price and convenience. Handcrafted to order, available in our most popular shapes and sizes and easy to install. MTI BASICS® products are manufactured in Acrylic CXL®, which is attractive and easy to maintain.

Award Winning Designs