The Beauty of
European Design

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Welcome to Acquabella, where the combination of natural minerals, science and artistry results in design-savvy products that satisfy traditional, transitional and contemporary tastes. Rooted in a strong European design ethic, Acquabella tubs, sinks and shower bases are beautiful, functional and durable.

Freestanding Tubs

Mineral Composite:
The Premium Choice

Style, Quality and Substance

Available as a soaker or air bath, Acquabella tubs feature ergonomic designs and high insulating properties to keep the bath water warm longer for extended soaks and an optional hydrotherapy experience.

Created with a specially formulated coated finish and non-porous, shock-resistant surface these tubs are UV and stain-resistant for durability and easy care.

Mineral Composite Shower Bases

Step Into Luxury

Elevate the Everyday

One-piece construction shower bases provide a modern and smart choice for shower floors. Available in multiple sizes, two textures and five matte color options, this cast stone alternative, combined with organic textures, is the premium addition to a sleek bathroom design.

All bases are low-profile and multiple-threshold, meaning they can be ordered to accept glass enclosures on one, two or three sides.

Vessel and pedestal sinks

Finish with Flair

Details that Matter

Acquabella’s variety of bathroom sink styles are designed to mimic or complement tub designs. Both vessel and semi-recessed styles are available as well as two pedestal sinks and a wall-mounted sink option. Made from the same quality composite material, most sinks are also available in five different colors.